Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Josephine "Spiral" Chain Tutorial

This is the way I do Josephine or "Spiral" chains and I thought I would share it. It is very simple and the results are very nice. The books I have read state that you should use the first half of the double stitch over and over to create the chain. I prefer to use the second half of the double stitch and I drop the shuttle every 5 stitches to make a nice uniform twist.
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As you can see in this first photo. I used my method for the first 15 stitches or so then I did the middle section of 20 stitches where I did NOT drop the shuttle. As you can see, the stitches are all bunched up and are not very attractive. I then resumed using my tatting method.
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This photo shows the location where I drop the shuttle every five stitches. I then pick up the shuttle and resume the process.
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Finally, this photo is an example of what I would consider to be a good Josephine treatment.

I think a lot of people shy away from using this simple stitch because if done improperly it doesn't look very attractive. But now you know a simple little trick to make it look really nice.

Side note: Josephine chains are done by (encapsulation, reverse tatting, unflipped stitch). These are some of the different names used for the same method.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Sherry! I really like your last picture... another goal to set for myself!

Tatman said...

Another name for Josephine Chain is "Spiral Chain". Nice job in explaining how you do this. I use this chain technique often in my designs. Makes for nice vines with florals. :)

***Jon**** said...

Wonderfully clear and easy to understand explanation. Thank you for putting this up.

Tattycat said...

Great tutorial and beautiful work, as usual. Thanks!

Sapna said...

WOW! This is great... thanks a ton and it looks cool too... waiting to try this next.

Marty said...

Hmmmm...maybe that's been my problem with them. I do them with flipped 2nd half stitches. I'm going to try the unflipped and see what happens. Thanks!

Gina said...

Cool! I've never done it this way - never used more than one thread for this technique so there was no reason not to flip. I'll have to try this sometime. I do prefer using the 2nd half stitch too.
:-) Gina

Barbara Gordon said...

I use this a lot lately however I have a copy of your instructions as I like the helpful hint('s) you include in here. The drop the shuttle one..thanks!