Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tatting at the Doctor's

So I spent 4 1/2 hours today getting loads of blood drawn, another EKG and lot's and LOT'S of x-rays. I didn't mind too much though because while I was waiting in all the different waiting rooms it gave me some time to tat something special for a friend who just suffered a loss.

Anyhow here is something kind of funny: I woke up to about 5 degrees outside and at my first appointment the little patient room is FREEZING. Of course I had to disrobe from the waste up and let the nurses put all those little EKG thingies on my chest. So here I am with my ta-ta's hanging out in all their glory while icy cold fingers keep pressing on my ribs.....(well, let me tell you, I cannot stand my ribs to be touched...period) and I started hysterically giggling. Poor nurses.

My back is still sore but the pain greatly subsided yesterday. Unfortunately, today with all the poking and prodding it is hurting again. My doc thinks I might have a fracture but I won't know until I get the results back from the x-rays. I don't really think I have a fracture but then again I once hobbled around with a fractured pelvis for three days before seeking treatment....so anything is possible.

Thank God for health insurance!

On to some tatting: Since the only tatting I have been doing is for the T.A.T program, it's really all I have to show. I am blazing through it faster than I thought and I do believe I can finish this one and get the Master's packet before I leave for overseas which will be great!

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Here is the button sampler. A lesson to show the different ways to add buttons to tatting. It is the first time I have ever added buttons to tatting so I did find it very helpful.


Tattycat said...

I am sorry you had to spend the morning freezing in the doctor's office getting poked in the ribs. I hope all of the tests come back showing you the picture of health! We'll just have to pray about this fracture thing!

Sapna said...

Ohhh this is awful. And pray it isn’t a fracture too... I wish you best of health and dissolve all your misery. Take good care and hope you get gay and hearty soon.

Kelly said...

I'm just catching up with you, I'm so sorry you were hurt in an accident. Then to have to sit in cold offices and get poked and prodded, no fun at all! Take it easy and if they don't give you pain killers, I highly recommend hot chocolate with a shot of Kahlua(sp?).
Feel better real soon!

Marty said...

Yowch. What is it with doctors' offices, anyway? Do all the medical staff wear longjohns under their clothes? I hope the find out there is no fracture and the strain will heal quickly! The Button sampler is really nice looking. Ad an extra bit of fluff here and there and a pin back -- it would be a nice brooch.