Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HDT Addicts stand up and unite!

I think it was in one of Gina's posts the other day....she mentioned how she will buy a spool of thread because it looks so beautiful but when she goes to tat it up it looks like crap. I sometimes worry about that with my own Hand Dyed Threads. I decided to go ahead and tat up some size 20 "Sunset Clouds" because it is my most inspired thread to date and has the highest number of color changes. I was thinking, "I hope this isn't one of those threads that looks better in skein form than in tatting." Well, you can judge for yourself, here is a sneak peak:
I, for one, am delighted with it and it has pushed me to really think critically about how the threads will tat up. The whole purpose of this thread was that I wanted people to be able to see the sunset in it. Can you?

O.k. next topic:
Hello, my name is Sherry and I am addicted to HDT. Thanks to Yarnplayer for getting me hooked. I couldn't afford to sustain my own habit so I became a supplier.
We know that Clyde and Laura and Diane are addicts too but there are several others out there. Perhaps we need to start a support group. If you are an addict will you please raise your hand by leaving a comment on this post?

If you haven't tried HDT you are probably thinking, "What's the big deal? How is it any better than regular thread?" Well, you will just have to see for really is quite an experience the first time you tat with HDT; it's hard to go back to regular thread. Maybe it's all the love that is put into making them that makes them better. We certainly know that the dyes make them stronger and shinier. I am not sure I can quite put my finger on it. Just beware, if you try HDT you are running the risk of becomming an addict yourself.

With all silliness aside, my goal is to list a new batch of thread everyday until I run out of thread. I don't want to bore you with HDT posts everyday so you might just have to check the shop to see what is new.
I will blog about a thread if I think it is particularly worthy such as this "Tuscany" thread inspired by an Italian landscape painting.

Also, I am adding size 10 tatting thread to the shop very soon.


Tattycat said...

You are going to get me divorced, is what you are going to do! LOL My name is Laura, and as you all know, I am one of the charter members of the Addicted to HDT's support group. I just can't help myself.
Yes it does look like a sunset. Where we plan to retire in about 9 years near Fairhope, Alabama, they have the most unbelievable sunsets over the water. You have hit the nail on the head.
Now, about this Tuscan thread. No fair. I have always wanted to go there and now you are tempting me with this thread. I guess I a going to have to push Dame Margo further into the world of ballet. I am her manager, after all, and I need the income to feed my addiction!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Hello, my name is Diane, and I am a hand-dyed thread addict. However, no matter how many interventions you plan for me, I will never give up my love of hand-dyed thread! Addicts unite! ; )

Sapna said...

Hello, My Name is Sapna and I am a HDT addict as well. It all started with Marilee's thread and moved on to Sherry's now.

I would like to show how much I have collected so far (that'll be my next post) and some are on the way (by Post). What attracts me to HDT are - I love the way the color unfolds as you tat and the reason why they look super is the way it is handled when dyed. Hats off to you guys cos the thread reflects your passion to it when you dye the lots.

It becomes a little difficult to me to part with them by tatting, but what’s to do is to do right - no point wasting it just keeping it like that.

I have to admit - I have a huge Stash of HDT!

They are superb!

Clyde said...

Hi, I am Clyde and I will take the blame for starting HDTA. Now Sherry what are you doing to us? A new thread each day. Our partners are not going to be amused but we will be delighted.

yarnplayer said...

Hello, I'm Marilee, aka yarnplayer, and it appears that I'm to blame for an epidemic! It all started innocently enough - I had learned to dye yarns and thread in a handspinning and weaving guild. My favorite thread for tatting only came in white, so I thought, "Hey, I know how to dye stuff. I'll dye some myself. If I stick a few skeins in my new etsy shop, maybe someone will want them." Apparently they want them, want them....

Gina said...

The thread is beautiful. I actually like it even better tatted up. The thing about variegated threads is that it depends on the project they are used in. Short repeats in color repetitions work on some motifs and not others. It's not so much that the thread works up badly, but more about picking the right project for the thread to show it to best advantage. Somewhere I've seen guidelines for doing that...and of course, I can't remember just where right now. Might be a good group discussion to start.
:-) Gina

Tattycat said...

It's not your fault Marilee. No one forced us to drink, ah I mean purchase and tat with this thread! Well, it kinda is your fault. If you weren't so clever, none of this would have happened. However, I would rather have the addiction and try to deal with the partners!

Elizabeth said...

My name is Elizabeth and I am a HDT addict as well. I was buying them long before Marilee showed up with her ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS THREAD - she just helped feed my addiction. I have just purchased my first bit of Sherrie's thread - "seaweed" and I'm sure it will just be the first of many - I'm sure I will be a HDT addict forever.

By the way - that "sunset clouds" thread tats up BEAUTIFULLY!

All of us addict say keep the thread coming! :-D

Bonnie said...

My name is Bonnie, and I debated how to describe myself, but flat out, I am a HDT addict! The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, which I admit freely, however this is one that I don't want to recover from. :-)

Seriously though, I've only been tatting for just over 3 months, and thanks to Sherry and Marilee I have quite a beautiful little stash started.

Please keep the HDT-s coming.

HDT addicts unite!!