Monday, February 11, 2008

First attempt at block tatting

This was today's lesson for the online tatting class. I finished it before class so that I could better follow along in class. Unfortunately my access to the class has been denied so I could not attend today. Furthermore, I never did receive any response to my emails for assistance. So perhaps, I will try again this evening.
This is my first attempt at block tatting and I have ever so many questions about this pattern. Some things were confusing and I don't know if I did them correctly.
It is an absolutely gorgeous pattern by Sue Hanson called "Block Tatted Heart".
I can definately use a little more practice too.
I was happy to see that Jon also posted about this pattern.

I will be taking a block tatting class at "Shuttlebirds" this hopefully I can get my questions answered and become proficient with this tatting method soon.

Also, ETatters has a new tatting site with a different format. I like it much better than the old one. It is kind of run "blogstyle". I haven't had much time to sit down, explore and get comfortable with the site yet. But it seems very promising.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Very pretty! Vickie's Lilacs?

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Yes! You guessed it Diane! Good eye!

Gina said...

I can never get into class either. The last suggestion was to disable my firewall which didn't work in the past and I didn't have time to try it again tonight. You'll like block tatting - looks like you did fine with Sue's heart.

:-) Gina

Tattycat said...

I couldn't get in either, but I did print the pattern and will tat it when Isaac gets better. I love block tatting and I think I will like Jane's method even better. Very pretty.

Carol Lawecki said...

Your heart is very pretty! The thread color is gorgeous!!

***Jon**** said...

You did fine with the heart. And lovely colour thread.

I've never tried making anything with blocks before. I still need to try more before I am comfortable with it, and then maybe incorporate in my designs.