Friday, September 26, 2008

Tatting weekend

It worked out so nicely last weekend to give the TIAS a break that I propose we do it again this weekend. It gives those of you who are too busy during the week a chance to get caught up.
BTW, in case you haven't noticed Day 8 is posted. Nearly there!

I am enjoying making these necklaces. They look so elegant when worn.

A new funky shuttle was listed today. I am hoping for a productive weekend.
Now that it is cool I can almost function like a normal person. The summer heat just sucked all my energy away and exacerbated my heart condition.
I am feeling much more positive about my time here in Korea now that I am "waking up" from a long nap.

Let's all have a nice tatting weekend!


Valerie said...

nice colourful shuttle, sherry.

TattingChic said...

Cool! I totally plan on getting caught up on the TIAS this weekend!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

That necklace IS very elegant! I love the way you glaze your shuttles. Each one is a beautiful piece of art!

Ladytats said...

HI Sherry,
Thanks for the break in the TIAS, it has been an interesting piece to tat. Lots of practice in techniques that might now always be familiar. I like the pendant. very nice. Your shuttles are pretty, just like your threads.

umintsuru said...

Thank you. I am one of those who needs to catch up this weekend. It has been lots of fun, this TIAS. Have a good weekend!