Monday, October 13, 2008

4 o'clock ROCK....still Rock'n

Since I am in China right now and we didn't want to miss our Monday tatting meeting, we decided to hold it last Thursday (a few days early). I won't get to see the girls for 10 days, so this way, instead of missing two meetings we only have to miss one.
I can't believe what fast learners my haksangs (students) are. They call me sonsangnim (teacher).
I decided to start teaching them with diagrams straight off so that they will be able to interpret modern tatting patterns with ease.
Check this out:

Hyesoon's work continues to be immaculate. Notice the tatting on her necklace? That was her previous homework assignment.
Even though it is only Jinju's 2nd day she is already catching up to the other girls.
Look how beautiful Kyoung-mi looks.

They were very happy when I pulled out the lovely array of threads from YarnPlayer. They wanted to pay for it so I thought to myself, "Hmmm I could definitely use some Won." But I didn't charge them Ha ha! Instead I sent them home with fresh spools of thread, a shuttle of their choice, diagram, and lots of homework. Thanks again Marilee!

I expect to see at least of couple yards of trim when I get back...hee hee!

Kyoung-mi took this picture and it makes me laugh.


TattingChic said...

So nice of you to not charge them for the donated goodies. Your students look like they are doing a good job. That is something to be proud of, Teacher!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

It looks like all of your are having a wonderful time!

Tattycat said...

They are beautiful girls and seem to be very smart. How good of you to do this for them. I'm sure you are being richly rewarded!

SummerSadie said...

Hey, I've got a tatting question...I've needle tatted some little wreaths to put in christmas cards. Is there anything i can put on the tatting to make it a little stiffer? Give it a littler firmer form? And how cool that you are teaching those girls...that's so neat!

Clyde said...

Well by doing one thing you are accomplishing two. You are passing on the art of tatting which is great and at the same time you are making new friends. It also sounds like you are a very good teacher. Congratulations.