Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time to do my homework

I just received my absentee ballot in the mail. My 18th birthday fell on an election year and I am proud to say that I have voted in every presidential election since then.
It is my belief that if you don't vote you have no right to complain about the government. So pretty much I vote just for the right to complain. *snicker*
Being in Korea I am greatly sheltered from the political media frenzy going on in the U.S.
But now that my ballot is in front of my face I have a great deal of research to do to catch up on the topics. So research is what I am doing. I have no idea how I will vote...but I WILL vote because it is a great privilege that I do not take for granted.

So no matter what your political leanings are I encourage everyone to get out there and VOTE!
It's your right! It's your privilege!


Gina said...

Lucky you that you don't have to listen to all the rabble! I already know who I'm voting for and it annoys me to no end to listen to all the radio ads and have people calling me and all the junk mail....yeach! I pitch it all and listen to my gut. Check out the hoax and urban legend sites and you'll know what NOT to pay any attention to. LOL!
:-) Gina

TattingChic said...

Good for your for studying the issues and stuff. :)

Dantatter said...

Yes you are absolutely right, being able to vote is a privilege and also our right. Many who can not vote envy us who are able to.
But I imagine it might be tiresome to listen to it all now and then because there's probably so much media in the US.