Monday, December 29, 2008

Brendan meets the gang

I took Brendan to "4 0'clock Rock" tatting group today. It was fun explaining what a leprechaun do you explain words like "mischievous" and "why do they come from Ireland"? Like I said, it was fun! Oh and since the Leps now have their very own blog, Brendan decided he should stitch a "B" on his hat so you could tell him apart from all the others.
Here he sits with Jinju's latest tatting creation: a cute bookmark. Jinju has her Josephine chain down to a science. Honestly, these girls are very capable tatters now and they don't need me anymore....snif snif.
Of course, I couldn't keep B still for long he had the whole shop to explore. It was like bringing a toddler to a candy store (or even worse....bringing ME to a candy store)....Sheesh! Here he is making friends with some handmade Korean Kitties.

I asked the girls if they had any folklore or such to share from their culture. Kyoung-Mi told me that a pair of birds are often presented as a wedding gift because the are representative of bringing together the earth and the sky. After she shared this story Brendan found just the pair!

....and he couldn't resist going for a ride on this he certainly had himself a grand ol time!


~Heather~ said...

How cute!! It looks like you all are having fun!

Tatskool said...

Way to go Brendan, that was a grand time you had, love the B on your hat. Wonder what the others will do to personalise themselves!!

Tattycat said...

Brendan looks to be having a wonderful time. I guess it was a bit difficult explaining it to the girls. I'm glad they got into the spirit of it. I like the "B" on his hat!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

These are too cute! Brendan needs to meet Hitty! :)

Sapna said...

Hahaha this is hilarious!

too much fun I say!