Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How quickly my posts are piling up.....

Firstly, Thank you to TattingChic for awarding me with the Marie Antoinette award. I am not sure what the award means, but it sure is pretty. I'm supposed to list 7 unknown things about myself. I have done this kind of thing so many times now that I am hard pressed to come up with things I haven't already shared. But here is my best shot;

1.) I love the smell of coffee and popcorn, but I don't drink coffee nor do I eat popcorn.

2.) I don't care for carbonated beverages.

3.) I swallowed a live goldfish when I was a kid.

4.) I have had many near death experiences and my life really did "flash" before my eyes.

5.) In college I was a bit of a prankster; one of my pranks landed me on the national news and the story is still a legend to this day. No I will not expound on this story...if you want to hear it you have to meet me in person.

6.) My back has been broken not once but twice.

7.) I not only believe in miracles but I have experienced them first hand. I don't care what anyone says....I firmly believe in God!

Secondly, I have to apologize for yesterdays blog.....I didn't realize it is so depressing. I think I was feeling sorry for myself because hubby and I will be alone for Christmas and he is actually working on Christmas day so I will be alone. There will be no presents under the tree this year and blah blah blah......I really need to break the habit of self-pity...it is not becoming.

There are so many things to be thankful for and I am sure we will come up with a way to make this a special Christmas.

I started by buying this $15 tree. I love it! I didn't get to decorate for any of the holidays this year since 95% of our belongings are in storage but I needed a little Christmas cheer around this place...so I got this little 18" tree and some scented candles. It makes me smile every time I look at it! I ordered Teeny Tiny snowflakes by Samantha Melnychuk so that I can start tatting some ornaments to go on the tree.

Thirdly, I received a completely timely and uplifting care package surprise in the mail yesterday from Karen of "Karen's Halo" HDT. She reminded me that I am appreciated and that I need to keep on "keeping on". I really need this reminder! Thank you Karen!

I don't know how she knew, but I have been admiring those little locket charms since I've seen some of you blogging about them and now I have some of my very own. I am beyond STOKED! She sent lots of candy too which hubby and I have already eaten.
Anyway, her package just reiterated how blessed I am to know each and every one of you. Every comment you leave, every encouraging email you write gives me strength to go another day. Even if I don't respond to every comment, I treasure them all in my heart.
I am in a unique situation and I guess tatting is my whole life right now...It's where I have chosen to pour all my creative energy...it is what gets me out of bed every day!

I want to be an encouragement to you and "you" know who you are! You have all become my friends and some of you are more like family....You know, the kind of family you always wanted....not the kind that you are "stuck" with!


TattingChic said...

That's the SPIRIT, Sherry! Got yourself a cute little tree and away you go with the teeny tiny snowflakes! I love that book. How cute it will look all decorated with your lovely talent of making tatted lace. I'm not exactly sure what the Marie Antoinette award is for either, but I think the gal from whom it originated said something about giving it to blogs with artistic elegance or something to that effect. I think a tatting blog such as yours definately fits the bill!

How fun that you got the locket charm pendant thingy! I can't wait to see what you put in it!

Now I have GOT to meet you in person to hear what on earth your prank was, LOL! :)

((Hugs)) to you and cheers for refusing to wallow in self pity! :)

snowy said...

No don't feel guilty when you share the downs as well as the ups. Friends want to give as well as receive, and it often helps to write these things down. You have every right to an "off day" from time to time, or even an "off week", and I sympathise about feeling alone. The good thing is that in Korea they won't be celebrating Christmas, so you can arrange to see friends, or wander around the town and it won't feel so bad!
(Actually I hate Christmas, and last year I was really happy when my partner went to England and all my children were elsewhere...perhaps the best Christmas, but I also enjoyed the one I spent with my daughter in Beijing, where like Korea, we weren't bogged down with *seasonal trappings*, but that's just me!)
big hug, and say whatever you feel, because it all makes you more of a real person, to us.

Gina said...

Oh cool...I just ordered some of those frames on Monday. Will be interested in seeing what you do with them.

Susanne said...

Congratulations with the award, you deserve it.
Also congratulations with that cute tree, it will be a beauty when you put those snowflakes on it that you are going to do.
It is OK feeling bad about being alone on Christmas day. You know what we can make a deal you and me, if you'll think of me then I will think of you and we wont feel alone. My Christmas will also be on my own and my presents will be those from tatting friends. At least it is good to know someone is thinking of you.
Lots of hugs from Susanne

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

It's a deal Susanne!

Sewicked said...

And if you feel like it, you could tat an edging & use it to trim the tree. Put a doily under it?

My sophomore year in college, my roommate (Hindu) put up a Christmas branch. I don't remember what, if anything, we put on it but we put a Christmas placemat under for a tree skirt.