Thursday, March 12, 2009

Presenting the "Blog Queen" award.

The "Blog Queen" award recognizes female bloggers who are:
  1. SEASONED; She has blogged for at least one year.

  2. PROLIFIC; She writes several posts each month.

  3. FUNNY; She make us smile with her witty humor.

  4. ADDICTIVE; She keeps us coming back for more.
You may accept this award or not.
There are no rules to follow.
You may pass it on as you please.
This is just to let you know that you make my day!

I decided to limit myself to 10 blogs. I know that I will miss some people who really deserve it...but please don't feel slighted. If your link is in my blog roll that means I love your blog too!

And now.....(not in any particular order).......Drum roll please

I hereby bestow this award upon
Lady Pamela Meyers.
Lady Jane Eborall.
Tatting Chic who is a lady...but "Lady TattingChic sounds funny". Her blogaversary is just two weeks short of one year...but we'll let her slide.
Jamie Laybourn, who is no lady at fact, she's a hussy, she is my cousin and the inspiration for this award.
Lady Diane Cademartori.
Lady Gina Brummet...she is the Queen Mum of all tatting blogs.
Lady Laura Blanton.
Lady Marty Lewis
Lady Linda Davies
Lady Wally Sosa

I would also like to give a special mention to our male Blog Kings:

Mark, Clyde and Jeff, who each have wonderful blogs but I'm pretty sure they don't want this foofy award cluttering their page.


Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry for the special mention. This is truly an award which you deserve. Oh and about the chocolate. One can never eat to much chocolate.

Unknown said...

Oh, gosh thanks! Hey, I kinda like the sound of "Lady TattingChic!" LOL! ;) Thanks for the award and I agree with you whole heartedly on bestowing it upon all the recipients that you have mentioned! Definately a deserving bunch. You're a gem, Sherry! :)

The Hussy Housewife said...

Awwwww geeee thanks *snort* cuz. It is puuuuurdy, and I will be adding it to the Hussy blog.

It makes me smile t know that I can make your day...when the chocolate Cacao doesn't do the trick.!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! I feel so regal! Thank you for the honor! Now, how do I get it on my blog? : )