Friday, June 5, 2009


Here are the two newest hand dyed threads added to my shop. I stepped out of my comfort zone and went bold and crazy with the colors.



My mother salvaged some old family photos from the trash when my great gran passed on. They have been in storage for the last 20 years. She has been cleaning and sorting and the photos have come into my possession for scanning, touching up, and sharing with the rest of the family. The photos are priceless, and I will share them as we go along.
Firstly I would like to share this picture...which is not quite so old but it's one I had never seen before.

C'est Moi
This was taken by my great aunt on one of the many occasions that she cared for me. I was kind of a cute little booger wasn't I?

Now on to the good stuff:

I just LOVE this picture. This is my grandfather when he was a baby. His mother is THE great gran who taught me to tat.
...and here she is with who I think is my great aunt Gen. This is an educated guess as she looks young in this picture and Gen was her first of 8 children. Since I don't see any other kids around..I'm just guessing.
I am really hoping to find a picture of her tatting...that would be so great!


Tattycat said...

All three new threads are very pretty. It is so special that you have these photos. I know you are very proud of them. Yes, you were a cute little booger! You still are!

Valerie said...

old photos brings such fond memories, don't they? you are really sweet.

Krystle said...

Yes a cute little booger indeed :-)

I love the new swamp flower!

Marilee Rockley said...

Yes, you sure were cute, and I agree with Tattycat, you still are!
"Swamp Flower" and "Cornucopia" both look like they would make great leaves - Cornucopia for autumn, and Swamp Flower for Coleus plant leaves.

Fox said...

You were sooo cute! Fantastic old photos... great find!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Your newest threads are gorgeous, Sherry! I especially love "Swamp Flower".

You were a real cutie patootie! :) I love looking at old photos.

Ladytats said...

Hi Sherry,
such wonderful history, and often you find some fantastic treasures in those old pictures.
oohhh swamp flower, I think I need some of that.
Cornucopia reminds me a bit of the 70's, oops dated myself didn't I

Jon Yusoff said...

Lovely threads and wonderful pictures. Agree with all the rest about the being cute part, :-D

Tatskool said...

Love the swamp flower and thanks for sharing your still look just the same, still cute.

Katherine said...

You really haven't changed, I would have recognised you straight away.
Family photos are wonderful, I look forward to seeing more of them.

Unknown said...

Oh, look at those sweet family photos! Love 'em! That is precious.
What a cute girly you were.

Thanks for sharing! Glad to see that you are feeling well enough to post! :)