Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Size 50 and DO YOU HAVE A TATTING BLOG????

As the online tatting community grows in leaps and bounds I am finding it more and more difficult to keep up with everyone. It's a good thing!

I have a blog roll in my sidebar on the's quite long, and I try to include everybody who has a blog dedicated (mostly) to tatting.

Do you have a tatting blog and your link is NOT in my blog roll? If so, please let me know and I will be happy to add your link.

I have news! Thanks to my friend Trayna I can now add size 50, six cord DMC "Cordonnet Special" tatting thread to my inventory. Also, I do dye size 10, six and eight cord thread by special order....FYI.

Every day this coming week I will be adding new listings....starting with today the colorway "SUNSET" is back.


...and this is a new colorway recently added to the shop.

There is still today and tomorrow to sign up for my weekly giveaway. We need just one more entry to qualify for an extra prize to be drawn. Anyone...anyone???


yarnplayer said...

It's wonderful how the tatting community keeps growing!

Just_Jeannette said...

Flower Child is SO pretty!

Trayna said...

I'm just so glad you got it Sherry - I knew you'd produce something great with it! I didn't do anything really just pointed it out lol.

TAT19540 said...

Love the new color and size 50 is just right for tatting angel earrings! I have a blog but I'm more of a 'learner' versus being a'teacher'.But I do love to have people stopping bye.

TattingChic said...

Have fun with your new thread. I'm a big fan of your HDT's and shuttles. I hope you still make your tatting shuttles, friend! I know they're a lot of work, but they're beautiful! I ♥ them!

Oh, and to answer your question YES! I HAVE A TATTING BLOG! ;) LOL!
(thank you for being one of the tatting bloggers who inspired me to start it)

~TattingChic ♥

tattingpip said...

Hi love your new threads, I have a blog, and it was your blog that got me going too. It is good to have such a thriving tatting community let it grow and grow

Zarina said...

How do you find the size 50? I have dyed using Omega 50 and the finishing is so dull. Wondering is it the thread or the size. Seeking for your comments.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Hi Zarina,
My guess would be that it is the thread and not the size. However, I cannot say for certain since I have not dyed the Omega brand.
The DMC Cordonnet has the same finish as my other sizes.

zarina said...

I have also the Anchor in size 50 and before the dyeing, it looks shiny. So yes, I its the thread.

Isdihara said...

I have a tatting blog, if you don't know about it already...


Alba Alicia said...

Here I am aoingain, as every Monday. Hoping that I am lucky this week.
I wish you all an excellent productive week
Alba Alicia
Tijuana Mexico