Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here we go again....

Well...I just have to get it out! I am irked, miffed, livid, aggravated, disgusted and furthermore I want to vomit!

I just got less than 24 hours notice that DH was going to deploy and he left a couple hours ago. We will once again miss his birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Thank you freaking' military for making my live so darn peachy!

I think I am going to run an ad for a "stand in" husband. Even when hubby is not deployed he still works 16 hours a day so it makes getting things done around the house very difficult. I had hoped to have my studio up and running by the beginning of August and here we are in the middle of October. I try to do what I can by myself but some things just take a little more muscle than what God granted my puny little arms.

Anyhow, the studio is mostly finished...not completely but enough to finally show you what has been keeping me so busy that I barely have time for checking emails let alone keeping up with tatting blogs.

What do you think? The employees at the paint store thought I was completely mental...but I knew what I was doing all along! Pretty bright eh?

Here is the guest/rest area of my studio. Perhaps I can study a little while the kiln is firing or just sit and listen to some National Public Radio. Above the bookshelf on the wall is the very first magazine me and my pottery were published in; Hubby had it framed for one of my birthdays. On the book shelf is my very first painting from my painting class in Korea (if some of you recall) ...and yes the other picture on the wall is a picture of my rest area....LOL!!!!!
Eventually, my plan is to set up some web cameras so that my customers can watch me make their pottery. I figured it wouldn't hurt to make the place look a little more interesting than just a slip in a garage.
I'll show one last picture when it is in full operation.

Well....I've got to get back to work folks. Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Autumn!


Clyde said...

Sometimes life just seems to throw a lot of rotten cabbages our way. All I can do when life is getting me down like that is wait for the wonderful big load of good Karma that I figure should be coming my way soon. I think it is about time a member of the Male tatting community won one of your wonderful prizes. Hint! Hint!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Hang tight - I don't blame you for being furious. Maybe you can get a Flat Daddy of DH to hang around with you! Ask - might be kinda fun! At least you are here in the states and can see friends and relatives.

Take a breath. Vent. This too will pass.

Angela said...

Thank you. You are serving your country too. God bless you and your husband. I cannot imagine what you are feeling.

Ridgetatter said...

WELL CRAP! I join with you in your disgust at, once again, loaning out your man to the USA! When they deployed my grandson (eons ago) to Afghanistan 3 times, I thought it was a bit much. Is DH a "lifer/"
I could never do what you have to do ~ being always in my dh's back pocket. I'm too selfish. So, I empathize with your predicament! I use to hate it when DH would get jerked off to Donner Summit for a wk end and end up spending the winter clearing snow. In the summer it was great, I could go up and shack up with him in a motel. WooHoo! But in the winter during the white outs, not fit for man nor beast. Anyhow ~
Your room looks great and I love color. That's how I ended up with a water blue and decadent chocolate brown bedroom. I hope it stimulates you to lots o pots. XXXX Bev

JB said...

I am so sorry that your DH was deployed again so soon. I can not even begin to understand. However, I am so thankful for him and for spouses like you. I do pray for our troops and their families and will specifically pray for you and him.

Your studio looks like a wonderful place to spend many many hours to help cope while he is away. Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

Maureen said...

That is a shame, because I thought the new posting was back to your home! Oh Bother......

At least you have that absolutely stunning rest area to sit in and be miserable, I don't think I would be able to tear myself away from that. Your own little corner, and I love the orange rug.

Kathy said...

I'm sorry he is gone again. I thought once you were re-stationed (if thats a word) you both would be there. Thank you both for supporting and serving our country.
Adorable room! Gee, wish I lived closer and maybe both our sets of puny arms would be enough with the heavy stuff.:)

Tattycat said...

I am so sorry, sweetie. I do understand part of your frustration having been there myself. However, I never had only 24 hours notice! That just isn't right. The others are right, however. You are serving our country too and we appreciate both of you more than you will ever know. I love the studio so far and I am excited for you to be back at your pottery. Keep your chin up and look for the big load of good things Karma will be sending your way. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Well, that certainly sucks. I'm so sorry you are facing another holiday season without hubby. We are all very grateful to you and your husband for the sacrifices you both make to keep our country safe.

On a brighter note, your studio is awesome. You will love working in it.

Cynthia Green

Tatskool said...

Love, love, LOVE your studio and those colours. HATE what the military are doing to you, it sucks big time.

Your support units are here for you.

Ginny W said...

I am sorry you have to have holidays with out him again. But thank him for serving the country, My son just got our of the army in July because he didn't want to be deployed again. But you must be proud of him.

❦TattingChic said...

What a major bummeroo! I'd be very irked, too, if I had to go through that.

Yes, you are right, the walls are pretty bright! Enjoy your studio space!

TAT19540 said...

I am sorry your husband is deployed, but there seems to be a big movement afoot in the military. Having friends and family in the service I appricated your sacrifice-and fear- and disappointemnt that you can't spend more time together.
Love the colors of your work area- you are a kindred spirit with my daughter-those are the colors she would have chosen for her office! Lol.
Have heart those out here in 'tat' land are behind you and send there prayers with you and your family. Your tatted bits are on there way!

Isdihara said...

Your poor dear! Your Girl Cave looks great! And your studio is coming right along. Just keep repeating this chant, "Good things are coming to me." (It always works when I do it!)

Sending you huge hugs and a virtual shoulder (plus listening ears) if you need.

Fox said...

Wow, that sucks. As a Canadian, I know I cannot begin to imagine how it feels to be in your situation. I admire your fierceness and your courage.

The room is awesome!
Fox : )