Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Tatting Hook Pens listed in Shop

I want to thank everyone for all the encouraging comments on my last post. I am going to print them out and put them on the wall to remind me how fortunate I am to have such encouraging support.

This one is super blinged out...but it is still flush enough to put in a book.

...and this is one of my favorites...I call her "Sunflower Princess".



Unknown said...

Cool! I like the pink and black one!

Umintsuru said...

I've decided to get the super blinged out one. That's the same one that TattingChic chose. Oh dear, did you want the same hook pen?

Tatskool said...

All beautiful and beautifully displayed.Hope you are a little better today in mind and body.

Ridgewoman said...

AH, I garnered the Sunflower Princess ( High desert dwellers love sunflowers and I especially love them; can't eat the seeds any longer (salt) but still love the flowers. I thought this one was perfect for me as I love the nostalgia of the piece. Of course, had to order at least 2 skeins (and it wasn't silks this time)
Luv you, "Gram" bev