Saturday, January 2, 2010 2010

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! I can't believe 2010 is actually here already. If I look at the number it makes me feel kinda oldish...but I won't dwell on that.
I have high hopes for this year since 2008 and 2009 were SUPER LAME in many MANY respects.
I don't usually set New Year Resolutions as I try to always improve upon myself throughout the year but this year I thought I would go ahead and share some goals with you.
When you write down your goals and share them with others it increases accountability and your chances of success are far greater; so here goes:

I would like to take weekends off from work (this is actually a long time request from my husband.) This will be the hardest goal for me to accomplish as I tend to be a work-aholic but I really am going to give it a good try.

I would like to read more...perhaps I can do this on the weekends. do volunteer work with either the Veterans or the homeless...(another thing that could perhaps fill my weekends). stay technologically savvy but to decrease my dependence on said technology. not kill Mojo for being a little me menace.

...and finally to be positive no matter how blechy things get.

I know these are lofty goals (for me at least) but I really need this year to be better...because for awhile there I was getting really frustrated with life.

I had a very quiet Christmas and an eventful New Year. My hubby is home for a short time and we drove through winter storms to see our families in Seattle for an action packed 36 hours. We are now back home enjoying our own snow. I have gotten to snowboard the last two days and I am so sore that I feel like I've been hit by a Mac truck...but I am loving every minute of it.

Blathnaid aka Brenda wanted to show off her embellished hat. You may not be able to tell from where you are sitting, but that is some very special tatting on her hat....more about that later.

I have some grand ideas related to tatting for 2010 which I am so excited about so be sure to drop in from time to time.

....oh and I have very special giveaway coming up soon so you'll want to definitely come back for that...

and oh oh can I forget? Our beloved Jane is starting the New Year out with a brand new Tat it and sure to check that out!

...and quadruple OH!!!!! Shuttlebirds has opened their registration today and guess what?!?!!? I am teaching again! Whoo hoo!
Shuttlebirds tatting conference is always the highlight of my year! Why don't you come check it out?


❦TattingChic said...

What a cute hat Blathnaid has on her head!
Happy New Year!

Bonnie said...

Happy New Year to you, Sherry!

Brenda's hat embellishment looks very interesting, I'm looking forward to hearing more about that special tatting.

Congratulations on teaching at Shuttlebirds!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh, how I wish I lived close enough to attend Shuttlebirds! It always looks like such a fun gathering!

I'm not very good at setting goals, but I'm trying. My goal this year is to spend half an hour a day organizing and cleaning some little corner of my house and getting rid of things I'll never use... could take me years! Without goals, I believe we'd all be stuck in a rut! I'll do my best to support you in achieving those goals. After all, what are friends for? Happy New Year!

Tatskool said...

Oh so much to think about in that post. Did Blathnaid try snowboarding or sensibly stay at home.

here in tatskool-land we are all drooling about her decorated hat. I think there might be a bit of copycatting or is it really only a girl thing.

My word verification is purryte..what a wonderful new spelling.

Krystle said...

Oh no, what did Mojo do?

And it's too bad you were only in Seattle for a short while! Looks like we will have to wait till april to meet wink wink!

TAT19540 said...

Being more possitive is one of my New Year goals too!lol. I wish you the best of luck in keeping them. Hope you and all your loved ones have a safe and prosperous new year. I'd love to be there for Shuttlebirds workshop. All I need are 'wings' to get there!lol.

Tatfully Yours said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! The only thing missing from your list is to be a little nicer to your body and wrists. You don't want to be in so much pain as before.(Oh, Oh, my mommy voice again!!) You take care and I am looking forward to Janes TIAS too. I hope I don't have any problems because I'm a needle tatter.
Bye for now.

Paula C. said...

I signed up for your class and look forward to meeting you =)

Ridgetatter said...

Well if there was ever a reason to once again TRY to drive to Spokane from NM. I'll have to talk to DH.

Just think of your 'resolutions' one at a time. All together, could be overwhelming. I think the best one is to not work on the week end. If you don't go apart for a period of time, you are apt to come apart in time. Take it from an old lady who has gotten a bit of wisdom over time (also a work a holic in her day)

Glad you finally got on the board! Just imagine me sailing along across the snow with you, in my spirit! I remember when I was 12, Dad tied my sled to the back of the Roadmaster (Buick) and drove down an empty country road in Washington State and I began whipping (cross waves?) back and forth...few through the air...landed in the piled up snow at the side of the road (deep snow); and, we did it over and over. Ah, those were the days. Coure Mom didn't know about those adventures with Dad. LOL
hugs, Grams

Anonymous said...

I bet I know how you did Brenda's tatting embellishment. Looks like what I saw you doing in Sept....

See you in April.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Sherry! Happy New Year!

You may FEEL oldish, but I actually AM oldish! I remember seeing the movie '2001 Space Odyssey' in 1968 (age 24) and thought that the date was SOOOOOOOO far in the future - and here we are 10 years past it!

SO HAPPY to hear you were with your DH during the holidays! And delighted you got to snowboard again. Just watch out for those wrists!!

Nice to know someone 'loves' snow! We haven't had as much here in Pittsburgh as other areas, but I'm tired of it already!!! Please be careful driving in it!

By the way, what naughty things is Mojo doing?