Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Freaking LOVE the Winter Olympics

We have television set but we don't have any television programming. The winter Olympics are special to us (both being former semi professional snowboarders and all) so I made hubby go out and buy a TV tuner just so that we can watch the Olympics.

Did anyone watch last night? If you didn't you missed out! Firstly, I think I have a crush on Apollo Ohno...his eyes are so beautiful! Secondly, Women's downhill....the crashes made me cry but since everyone is o.k., I can rejoice that the U.S. took Gold and Silver....GO Ladies!!!!

...and most importantly...Shaun White!!!!

...I have a story about this kid.....

I met him at a Snowboarding trade show when he was 10 (well before he was famous). We ended up riding for the same sponsor and so we were hanging out at our sponsors booth for awhile. I was in my very young twenties and wondering to myself...what is this kid doing hanging around? Then Shaun's mother sat down with me to show me his photo album of all his accomplishments up to that point and I realized, yep this kid has talent and not just in snowboarding. Anyhow Shaun was getting bored and there happened to be a fooz ball table around so he asked me if I wanted to play with him and I said, "Sure, why not!." So we played fooz ball, me and Shaun White and he promptly kicked my butt! ....a very competitive little lad...that he was!

You know, I myself had Olympic Dreams at one time....but I was born to soon. At the prime of my talent there were no half pipes, no multi million dollar contracts and certainly no snowboarding in the Olympics yet. By the time they allowed snowboarding as an event I was a washed up, broken down old woman!
Ha ha!

I'll leave you with picture of us in our prime:

Tomorrow we will get back to the tatting "surprise".


Isdihara said...

Those snowboarding photos are AWESOME! And how cool to share your Shaun White story.

Well, whether or not you ever got to compete in the Olympics, you are gold medal, Olympic class in my eyes!

zarina said...

I love watching these games - I am quite athletic in childhood and still am but am no where in comparison with all those champions.

Sherry - you are still my champion in all that you do - sports and craftwise

TAT19540 said...

Brando line"...I could have been a contender. I could have been someone..." So you didn't make the Olypimics you are still a gold winner to all of us in the Tatting World! I'm glad you put all that energy into you tatting and ceramic talents! Cool pics. I admire people who can do those things, I live in a plain state for a reason-FLAT. I have to say the Olympics have been exciting to watched!

Carol Lawecki said...

Oh Sherry!! You Rock!! That is so awesome that you two snowboard. I bet you would have kicked butt at the olympics!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I enjoy watching the Olympics, but I've never had any desire to do anything athletic. Does pressing the buttons on the remote count?

Sharon D. said...

Been watching some of them. But not tonight half to watch Runway Model two. My granddaughter is on it, So far she is still in it. But have watched some the snowboarding and ice skating.

Ridgetatter said...

I've been living at the Olympics, virtually!
or I've been virtually living at the Olympics.
Boy! If they'd had this when I was a girl in the fifties I'd been THERE.
My heart just leaps with the kids when they go down the pipe. And, I've always been a fan of the "Flying Tomato". I hear he's getting a new nickname. The reason I always like snowboarders is because they KEEP IT REAL. AND, I'm all about real.
Thanks for sharing your photos. Every time I watch the snowboarding I say, "Are you watching, Sherry?" So we are really watching together. Torah just did the first of her two runs!
GO USA…KUDOS to the competitive little kid you met! XXXX B

kyoungmi said...

i really want to see when you snowboard!
I miss you!

Becky said...

My husband and I have been watching as much as we can with regular TV (no cable). We were very impressed with Shaun. That is cool that you got to hang out with him!

Tatskool said...

Great photos, I too have been enchanted with the snowboarding, even having a go at virtual snowboarding for the first time. have never watched it before.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I thought I was going to see you there in the audience! It must be difficult to be that 'close' to the Olympic site this year. In the meantime, WE have all the snow! You'd love it here in Western PA, or even down south!

I have to admit I'm not familiar with snowboarding personalities, but admire their skill, and they are fun to watch! The camera work and clarity of the images on our TV (even though we don't have "HD") is spectacular! I'm ready to visit Vancouver!

Of course, I'm enjoying the ice skating but admit I'd lost track of the competitors these past few years and am only now 'catching up' on who's who. The Lysacek-Plushenko showdown was amazing!

Awesome photos of both of you! Must have been an exciting time!

Val said...

great work, sherry. thanks for sharing it.