Monday, February 8, 2010

WILD FLOWERS and Treasury's

Just listed another COPPER Shuttle.


I dyed this brand new colorway and then went looking for a suitable image to accompany it and found Rachel Britt's beautiful painting. Please be sure to check her site.

...and here are a few recent Etsy accolades that have drifted my way....


Typstatting said...

Lots of eye candy love the new HDT a real lovely soft colour,the painting is sweet!!!!

Fox said...

Nice showing in Etsy!

The new shuttles look great. Unusual.
Fox : )

Ridgewoman said...

Can't wait to get my HDT and shuttle. I'm like a kid in the candy store about hdt and shuttles. LOL Incorrigible.
XXX grams

LOL just read the 'secret' word
SHEFAT is this trying to tell me something. Reminds me of when Loyal's baby sister (age 12) Susie said to my baby girl, "You are tubby" and BB who'd just gotten goo d at talking said, "You Tub too!" (15 mos) BTW BB is still good at comebacks. LOL

IsDihara said...

Every Etsy accolade is well-deserved. Honestly, I don't know how you manage to keep up the HDT stock you do.

It is a tribute to your artistry that you can create exquisite colorways and THEN find art to match. I always thought you did it the other way 'round.

"Wildflowers" is another lovely addition to your treasure trove.

Marilee Rockley said...

Wow, you got into 3 treasuries! Congratulations, well deserved.

Ridgewoman said...

OOOH My order arrived so promptly! Thank you! The photo of wildflowers just doesn't do it justice. It is really a lovely color and just sings spring.
My new shuttle is so cute, so dainty and feminine. And for those who especially appreciate small clover-size shuttle (like the faux tortoise), they will be thrilled.
I like shuttles from small to medium size and don't mind the different weights. This silver is nice and balanced in the hand and will fit in those small spaces. I have one shuttle that is really too heavy, but it is a double shuttle so that accounts for the weight. No, it's not ceramic ~ I like the weight of the ceramic ABC shuttle.

Can't wait till The Flying Tomato takes off; but, I'm very sorry to hear about the young luge participant's untimely passing. Accidents are always a possibility but they are terrible events and I always think of those who loved the athlete.

Kudos to your entries getting some special advertising; and, glad your book sales are progressing.
XX grams