Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gifts, tatting and tatted gifts....

Well, it has been a rough week. I had a short stay in the hospital but I am back home and everything is fine. I am having a hard time gaining weight with this pregnancy and being sick every day for 5 weeks has taken its toll. I have hope that things should start looking up soon however.

I was surprised to receive a gift from Connie via a fellow tatter while I was at Shuttlebirds. I was even more surprised when it turned out to be a gift not for me but actually for Blathnaid aka Brenda, my leprechaun. She was so excited to receive her very own snowboard and skateboard set. I taught her how to do railslides first thing. It took her a couple of times but leprechauns have excellent balancing skills so she nailed it pretty quickly.

Here is some tatting I have been working on for my little Picadilly. It is "Hanky Edge #1" from Beginning Tatting by Gloria Crowther. It has pink in it but I promised myself to keep pink to a minimum with my baby. Too much pink makes me want to puke! ....literally....ha ha!

KystleDawn gifted me this beautiful earring set also at shuttlebirds. It is my favorite color and I just LOVE them! Her tatting is so immaculate.


Fox said...

Hi, Sherry!
I do hope you are much better. Those first few months can be so yucky!

Love the skateboard. Maebh was wringing her hands with envy as she looked over my shoulder at the screen. She says that is you get to be really good at skatenboarding, it inspires your vocal 'chords'! A direct quote I might add. Ah, well...
Fox : )

Tatskool said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of Blathnaid snowboarding. The lads here are so jealous. Hope Feargal gets a chance to try it out when he visits.
Blathnaid is soooh very clever.

Hope your sickness passes soon, it's so debilitating, but it WILL be worth it.

mica said...

Ha, ha. I hear you with regards to pink. I am not a pink person. Actually, I don't like any pastels. The only time I really like pink is in the spring when all the beautiful trees bloom in pink. It's nice then in small doses, but it looks best on a tree:)

Angela said...

The trim is precious. I have Brenda envy I am telling you!

❦TattingChic said...

That snowboard is so cool!
Krystledawn's earrings are lovely!
Here's hoping the icky feelings pass soon! I'm so excited for you, though! This is a rough phase, but you have much to look forward to! :)
~TattingChic ♥

tara said...

i've been thinking about you -- hoping all is okay. let me know if you need ANYTHING. i'm a phone call away. -tara

JB said...

I am praying for you and picadilly. I hope that you will start enjoying your pregnancy without being yucky soon.

Blathnaid looks as if he is having the time of his life.