Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Piccadilly's Progress

Baby Piccadilly is doing great! She is breastfeeding well and has just gone through a growth spurt. Her newborn cloths are starting to get tight.
We just got back from a whirl wind tour of showing our little one to family members who live a long way from us. We drove through snow, snow and more snow for an entire week only to get home and find yet more snow! That is o.k. because we LOVE snow so none of that was a bother. The only complaint would be that Piccadilly hates her car seat and we had such long hours in the car.
In retrospect, I think it was a little ambitious to leave on a trip with a two week old and if I had to do it over again I don't think I would. I am still in a fair amount of pain which made traveling for me a nightmare. But we are home again and trying to get Miss P on a schedule so that perhaps we could get a little sleep at night.
I am afraid that I am experiencing postpartum depression which is no surprise since I was very high risk for that any way. I cry all day long at the silliest things and the fact that I have entirely lost my mind to sleep deprivation is not really helping matters.
We were able to spend Thanksgiving with family this year which was fantastic! I am thankful for the usual things but mostly I am thankful that I am NOT PREGNANT anymore...LOL!
I love my little 'Dilly girl and she makes me laugh. We are blessed to have a mellow baby who only seems to fuss when she needs something. Trust me, I do NOT take that for granted!
We are trying to get into the swing of this parenting thing and working hard to find a groove to help our days become more manageable.
I have not been able to accomplish any tatting...or anything else for that matter..but I do have a lot of ideas that I would like to start working on.
Again I would just like to thank everyone for all the prayers, thoughts and wishes that went up for me and Piccadilly. It is a true miracle that she is such a healthy little lass. We all still marvel that after all we have gone through she turned out to be a perfect little baby.
I will try to post more frequently. Hugs to everyone!


Chiara said...

What a nice,sweet, precious angel!!! Hugs!!! God bless you all!! =)

Karrieann said...

...so precious!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I was SO excited - and delighted - to see this update! I thought the Thanksgiving holiday might have been the reason we hadn't heard from you, not to mention just trying to get on a 'new baby' schedule!

That was an amazing 'snowy' trip - but also know that your love of snow would not faze you! (I hide in the house at the mere hint of a snowflake on the roads!)

You have been through so much, and
it's heartwarming to see that "Dilly" is SO healthy and SO CUTE!!! (Love the photo!!!) Now it's important that you also get healthy! DO TRY to get some rest!!!! Sleep deprivation is not fun. And you're dealing with so many emotions all at once!

Just let us know now and then how you are doing. We're still thinking of you!

Josie Passell said...

A lovely picture of a beautiful little girl. She's gorgeous and you need to make the most of every day. Take loads of photos and moving film as they really do grow up so very quickly.

BSOTF said...

Piccadilly is perfect that's for sure. She is a mixture of both her daddy & mommy.
But what you all need right now is for you to take care of you too. I'm thrilled that you had a wonderful time with your family members. But you will do an amazing job at being parents. You will figure out what works for you in all areas too. Just relax Honey.


Anonymous said...

Awww..she is just too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!

I see Miss P. is getting cuter every time there's a new photo of her and I absolutely love that hat she's wearing!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Piccadilly is adorable! Love the hat! Maybe I should send another pink onesie. ; ) ...or not!

I hope your hormones stabilize soon. Enough is enough!

Happy Bluebird said...

Best Wishes! Miss P is adorable - she will grow and change so fast. Enjoy EVERY minute - you will find your groove soon :)

Fox said...

Beautiful little girl! Thanks for the update!
Fox : )

tattrldy said...

What a little cutie! Here's hoping she gets into a nice sleeping pattern soon so Mama can get some rest as well!

Elizabeth said...

So happy Picadilly is doing good. Don't worry about not getting anything done. Cherish all your time with you new baby. They grow up to fast.
Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you feel good soon.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

She's darling and I'm glad she's doing well. PLEASE let your doctor know about the postpartum depression issues - it can be managed well, with no hard to your little one. You deserve to feel good too!

Krystle said...

Oh my goodness, she is so cute I could just eat her up! Mwah little Dilly!

But I think you need a stern talking to. NO MORE ROAD TRIPS! Not until you are healed lol!

umintsuru said...

She is adorable! What a lovely photo.

Ladytats said...

what a cutie, she looks so bright and wide eyed.
take care of yourself, if possible get some rest even if it means getting someone to come in and sit with 'dilly while you take a nap. babies can so easily get their days and nights mixed up and that is hard on us adults. blessings on your family now and always.

victats@gmail.com said...

What a beautiful little girl! Take care of yourself.

Donna said...

She is precious. Enjoy every moment. I bet she has dad wrapped around her little finger!

Karen said...

Love the picture. Glad to hear you made it through the snow. We've had some icy, icky roads in the NW. Good to hear from you and that you did get to spend time with family. Blessings to you, Karen

Maureen said...

She's so alert - taking it all in!Two weeks is a little soon for trying to get into a routine.Breast feeding on demand is wonderful for the mother at this stage, because it ensures you are getting the rest you need while you sit and feed all day.
By about 6 weeks, the feeds will begin to fall into place, with a long stretch between late at night and early morning.
If you are bone-weary exhausted, ask your wonderful husband to give Piccadilly a bottle at night, so that you can have uninterrupted sleep, just now and then.

Jane S. said...

Awwww, she is such a little sweetheart! I hear you on the exhaustion -- I used to fall asleep breastfeeding during the middle-of-the-night feeding. And for some reason the little lullaby mobile we had hanging in our daughter's nursery used to make me cry every single time I played it.

Being a new mom is a tough job! You'll get into a routine. Try to take a nap every time she does. Laundry and dishes can wait. Once you get a little more caught up on your sleep you will feel less like you're being put through an emotional wringer.

Hugs and best wishes,
Jane S.

csipkelelkű said...

She is so beautiful!

Iris Niebach said...

Dear Sherry, I'm soo glad you are well and your baby is growing fast with breast feading. The first month is hard for the baby, you will see, that at the start of the second month she will be more used to live in the world and will cry much less. Your breast feeding will help you to recover soon from phisical pain and from depression!

Kelly said...

She is so cute! You are brave venturing out in all that snow with your little one. Still praying for you all.

Love & Hugs

Marty said...

Your little 'Dilly certainly is an adorable little bundle. I agree with everyone else -- take naps. Having only been a proxy mom, I don't know much -- but I do know "get help if you need it!"

Isdihara said...

What a precious girl! And getting more adorable by the day.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but resting and taking care of YOU is so important (and so hard to do!).

At some point all the resting will start to make you restless. (I know, you're thinking, 'What resting?')

Eat well, rest when Piccadilly rests (even if you have a mountain of chores) and drink loads of water. Before long you will wake up one morning and say "Oh my! 'Dilly slept for a 5-hour stretch!"

Oh, and welcome to the brave new world of "catch as catch can tatting!" Big hugs to you all!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Oh She is sooo precious!!! Congratulations Sherry! Hang in there,,,this time will pass before you know it. I'll add you to my prayers.

Again Congratulations on such a BEAUTIFUL baby!

Ridgewoman said...

I have just been haunting and revisiting to see the first post Piccadilly blog. I love those big eyes.
Yes, very ambitious to take off with the newborn; but, you know I did the same thing and she turned out just fine. And I couldn't complain about being 'beat' as I'd brought it on myself. LOL
I told you my g'daughter will have her baby in June, turns out it will be some time in May! That will liven up the house!
Papa has a new rocking recliner and is already talking about "taking naps with baby". As he did with all 3 daughters, and grands and one great grand. I think I have a photo of each of those laying on his tummy on a couch a lounge chair. He is just the greatest baby sitter.
I AM expecting a 'newbie' too (no, not a baby human, that would indeed be miraculous). Soon a new kitten will be sharing my bed as I've reserved a little Bengal girl and she is such a pretty spotted lap leopard. Give me something to perk my personal life up!
So glad you are doing well….
love n hugs to all….grams

❦TattingChic said...

She's absolutely adorable! ♥ ♥ ♥

Clyde said...

Hi Sherry, Trust me the first 6 weeks are really rough but then it starts to settle down and you get a schedule that works for the most part. Take care of yourself and do not be afraid to get help with the deppression. It does get better.