Friday, March 25, 2011

Blathnaid gets mail and so do I

Blathnaid received a lovely card from Ciarran and although I don't think she likes to admit it, it made her heart flutter just a bit. She and I have been so busy designing new shuttles that we nearly let St. Patty's day come and go without notice. Well at least I did (I am deeply ashamed to admit), and she is too well mannered to make a fuss about it. Had it been her brother Brendan, well...., he would have given me a proper and well deserved "what for"! So it's a good thing he is still gallivanting across the globe. Whew!

Looky what I got from dear Diane! I LOVE these blinged out shuttles and have been secretly drooling over them from afar. I feel very honored to be the recipient of not one but two of these fabulous shuttles. She also graciously sent me some of that cool paper (one of the ingredients for blinging). My mind is now whirling with creative possibilities. Thank you Diane!

...and finally here is the most recent photo of Piccadilly. Here she is wearing her booties and bonnet from my friend Karen....and oh how I just want to gobble her all up!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

If Piccadilly were here, I'd be giving her "Grandma Kisses!" Ooh! Watch out Miss P... they're flying your way now!

Glad you like your goodies. I can hardly wait to see your blinging!

Teresa said...

Diane's Blinged shuttles are in great demand! Lucky you to get one of your very own. Picadilly is the cutest baby in blogland!

Margarets designer cards said...

Picadilly looks cute and loveable, if I was there she would have had a cuddle. please give her a ((((((((hug))))))))))) from me.
Gorgeous shuttles.