Friday, April 29, 2011

Glitter-fied hook pens

Size 14 Purple Glitter Hook Pen

Because these reflect so much light it is hard to get a good photo. Anyhow, I will have even more for sale soon. I have been having way too much fun "blinging" and as a consequence glitter is ALL over my house now. Even Piccadilly is covered in purple glitter.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

How sparkly! I use glitter nail polish on my tatting shuttles... less mess! I'm pretty sure that's a more expensive way to go, though.

Margarets designer cards said...

Wow what a lot of bling, poor Miss P hope she liked the glitter on her.
Look forward to seeing your new bling pens.

Maria de Lourdes said...

Lady, en México hoy es el "DIA DEL NIÑO" por lo que felicidades a Picadilly y se verá muy festivo con los brillos. Besos