Friday, April 22, 2011

Hook Pens Galore and a growing girl!

According to my hook size survey, it seems that the most popular hook size is size 14 by quite a large margin followed not so closely by size 12.
I think the reason for this is that size 14 is the smallest hook that can purchased through the major craft stores. Currently sizes 15/.5mm and 16/.4mm need to be special ordered and they cost twice as much.
In general sizes 10 and up are all very small hooks and unless you have superb eyesight they can be somewhat indistinguishable from one another.
Anyhow, with all that said there are new hook pens in the Etsy shop, lot's of size 14's and even one size 15. So first come first serve.

Also, I have some SUPER BLING hook pens coming soon!

This past week has been a big one for Miss P. She started on solid food as a supplement to breastfeeding. She is a fantastic eater, and by the third bite she was trying to take the spoon away from me and do it herself. Yes, I think I'm in trouble with little miss independent here. She is also standing on her own. She can't even crawl yet but here she is...looking like she is ready for a snowboard....and she is not even 6 months old yet.

So remember my prediction two posts back where I said I bet Jess wins first and Sarah wins second place in the Shuttlebirds Tat-off? Ha ha, I was spot on! ...Now if I had been there...maybe just maybe the results would have been a little different??? But Jess would still have taken first I'm sure!

Please stop over to my MadMadPotter Blog and see what I have been up to.....pretty soon you will see some more tatting showing up in my pottery world...


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I can't believe Miss P is standing already! Let the fun begin!

I love my hook pen, although I don't remember what size it is. Anyone who doesn't have one should get it now! It is an indispensable tool... in my humble opinion!

Sharon D. said...

Miss P. is getting so big. Love the pic you post of her.
Now going to go and look at the hook pens.

Jane S. said...

Well that little stinker, standing up so big and tall at age 6 months! What a cutie.

One of my girls never did crawl. She went directly from sitting to standing, and then holding onto things as she walked around. The other one crawled as a means to graze the dining room floor -- ugh! If there was ever a motive to keep the floor sparkling clean, that was it!

Time to check out the hook pens now. :)

Anonymous said...

Just ordered mine! (which turned out to be the one in the picture on this post... I just noticed that). My current hook is a size 11 (they didn't have anything smaller at the store I went to), so a size 14 will be great! :-D

I don't remember how old my daughter was when she started walking... all I remember is at first being relieved that I didn't have to carry her everywhere then suddenly wishing I didn't have to chase her all over the place, lol ;-)

Donna said...

Miss P is a cutie! She may skip crawling and take off for the races. You parents should be getting in shape for the chase.

dmr said...

Miss P is getting ready to run - you will have so much fun chasing but absolutely no time for gorgeous shuttles and buttons.

Ridgewoman said...

I LOVE that standing doll. I walked at 8 mos and stood at 6; sounds to me like she is just like her Mom...Independent and stubborn (I don’t see stubborn as a bad trait as its the one that disallows me giving up! LOL) She will probably take a great interest in your artistic pursuits. Get her in that ‘mud’ early, and a shuttle in her future; and, on a board! tee hee I wanna see that child snowboarding a bunny trail. I love those big eyes that look so inquisitive.
I love my hook pen(s) too, and have a couple of different sizes. I’ve given 2 away as gifts to people who REALLY wanted one. It was killer to choose which ones to share. LOL DH has me on a tight budget at the moment; saving for the move to California I guess.
hugs gram