Saturday, April 2, 2011

I tatted, I ate and all is well...

Yesterday I really did what I said I would!

I tatted "Lily" from my second butterfly book. She is one of my favorite motifs to tat; Quick, simple and fun. Lily is tatted in Size 20 Kopper Patina cotton 6 cord hand dyed thread.

I ate my favorite Lindt Sea Salt chocolate; Holy Cow this stuff is GOOD!!! If you haven't tried some you haven't lived!

It was a great Tatting Day (much better than April fool'n people)!
I also went to the Grand Opening of something I hope will be can read about that here.


Maria de Lourdes said...

Lady shuttle, un buen dia del frivolite. Tu cerámica y esta hermosa mariposa, me encanta y ¡OH! además saborear ese riquisimo chocolate, realmente no se puede pedir mas.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful butterful, I love butterflies and this is a lovely design. I hope your enjoy the chocolate, have not seen that one in the shops yet.

Katie said...

wow! what a great blog. love all your tatting. It's something I want to try this year...and that sea salt chocolate bar! yum!