Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sad but not surprising news...

Well, it is official the price of silver clay has more than doubled, it has almost tripled. The manufacturers are located in Japan and they can no longer absorb the losses from all that has happened since the first major earthquake. So there is that plus the price of silver has increased significantly in the last year
As it was, every silver shuttle I made cost me $70 in raw clay alone, that does not account for my time, expertise, firing costs, and the investment I made in other tools and equipment.
Oddly, I made a purchase of silver clay one day before the first earthquake and I still have a little of that left for maybe a dozen or so shuttles. I will use it very sparingly over the next year. Once it is more silver shuttles. I cannot afford the new prices. So those of you who bought my first silver shuttles, count yourselves lucky because they are worth more than you paid for them in silver alone.
I foresee the value of silver to just keep increasing. I currently have 9 silver shuttles in the shop. I will not increase the price of the shuttles that are already listed but I will have to for any new shuttles I make in the future. I am hoping to just break even in the long run.
I will still be able to make some copper shuttles though so I guess there is a copper lining in this cloud?!?!?
Here is a picture of Piccadilly who is so adequately expressing how I feel about the situation.


Jessica said...

Not just a tool, but an investment! I've been drooling over them for a while now. Sorry to hear there won't be many more silver ones, but that only makes it even MORE of a collector's item.

Anonymous said...

Love the illustrating picture! She does show appropriate sadness!

Maureen said...

Wish I could afford one! - I never knew that silver came from clay, so I have learned something new.
And what a gorgeous picture - Piccadilly is a lovely cuddly bub!

Margarets designer cards said...

At least its an investment sorry they are a little out of my price range. I am sure everyone who has brought one will treasure them even more now. I think Miss P has the same feeling as everyone else about the prices.