Saturday, June 4, 2011

365 Days to be grateful! Day 4: "Ebay"

O.k. I know being grateful for Ebay may sound weird but I think this is really special.
When I was a little girl the picture on the right hung on my wall. I still have that picture today but it is pretty beat up. I thought wouldn't it be nice if my daughter grew up with such lovely and whimsical art work too? So I did a little search on the artist Enda Vierra and I found out she was one of the first "collage" artists who did her art in the 70's. I don't know how accurate my info is since I did glean it from the internet. But anyway, I looked on ebay and sure enough a few original prints in excellent condition were up for sale. YAY! ...and as a bonus (I never knew this) she did a matching boy painting too so of course I had to get the pair. Whenever my baby girl gets her own room I would like to decorate it with vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy items (which I have been collecting most of my life) and I think this pair of prints will go perfectly with that decor.
So Mrs. Edna Vierra wherever you are my dear...thank you! And thank you Ebay...the place where you can find almost anything!


wordmama said...

My husband did the same thing. He found a mantel clock just like the one that he remembered from his family's vacation home from years ago. He also found some children's records that he remembered from his childhood. So you're not the only one that has reclaimed some old memories that had gone away to share with their kids.

I like the prints and the Raggedy Ann theme, too. Did you read the books? We had a bunch of them and they were all favorites.


Gina said...

I used to, and still occasionally do, make Raggedy Ann's & Andy's. I think the internet is wonderful for rediscovering memories. I found a book I loved from the Weekly Reader's Club on ebay once. I had looked and looked for it for ages.

Your online gratitude journal (that's what the 365 days reminds me of) will be very beneficial to you, bringing you even more of what you appreciate. :-)

Margarets designer cards said...

How lovely, and brilliant you found them, I am sure she will enjoy them for many years to come, perhaps in year to come when she has a family she will do the same.