Monday, June 13, 2011

First bobbin shuttle listed.

Copper Bobbin Shuttle

Sorry about the tease my friends....I know that I am naughty! I just had a bunch of finishing to do before I listed it...but I was too excited not to share.
A lot of work went into this shuttle and I am very pleased with the outcome. It is a large shuttle with a removable stainless steel bobbin. The tension is adjustable. It also has a size 14 hook. It is coated with non-tarnishing finish. It is the only one I have for now because I wasn't sure how it would do in the firing process and I didn't want to waste any copper in case something went awry.
It will be awhile before I make any more because firing copper is really dangerous and scary and I almost burned my face off in the process...let's just say that I have to handle these while they are molten hot! I don't have to do that with the silver shuttles so I am very particular about how often I attempt this particular feat.

I also listed some solid Ecru silk today. I have had more than a few requests for it. I will be adding other solid silk colors soon as well.


Ladytats said...

both thread and shuttle are very pretty. be careful a much as we like your shuttles, we like you even better, so take care and don't hurt yourself.

Margarets designer cards said...

Both the shuttle and the thread look lovely, take care when doing them I would not want to think you had bunrt yourself making shuttles for us.

Sherry said...

I'm sure we're ALL really glad you're OK! That first copper bobbin shuttle will be a REAL TREASURE for whomever can afford it! Yes, we all want you around but Miss P needs you even more! Hugs, ~Tatikan/Sher