Monday, January 16, 2012

Giveaway Winner, NEW giveaway and contagious laughter

I entered all participants of my Random Monday Mondo Giveaway into an Excel spread sheet. Everyone was assigned a different number and those who were eligible for two entries were assigned two numbers. I then used a random number generator to randomly pick the winning number and our winner is Margaret from Margaret's cards! Congratulations Margaret!

If you didn't win this time don't fret because we are having a BACK TO BACK giveaway!
Yep that's right! Right here on this post is a second chance to win!

Our prize is TWO issues from 1958 of The Workbasket craft magazine. This vintage magazine is chock full of really fun subjects like Knit, Crochet and of course tatting, recipes and gardening tips plus more. Check out the beautiful star doily on the cover of the first magazine and how can you not smile at the add for "How to get your dream figure?". Also there is a pattern for a cup and saucer. Whoo hoo!

Please review the giveaway rules here. If you are new to my giveaways please make sure to sign up on THIS post.

The winner will be announced on Monday January 30th 2012.

Anyone and Everyone is welcome to enter my giveaways.
However, I can no longer afford to ship my giveaway prizes internationally.
If you live somewhere other than the U.S., PR, AK, HI, or Canada and you still want to enter, you must agree to pay the shipping charges.

Happy MLK Day!

Don't forget to sign up on THIS post for the new giveaway!

...and here is something sure to make you smile. My little Piccadilly laughing at a TV show.


Spinning Tatter said...

Sherry, what a joyful little video of your little Picadilly! She made me laugh! I would love to be included in your giveaway, but thank you for sharing the video. It made my day!

West Pine Creations said...

The tatted cup and saucer is just darling. I don't have this issue of Workbasket. Get a Chuckle out of the adds.
Marie McCurry

Ladytats said...

Picadilly was really cute in the video.
I already have these, so don't enter me in the drawing.
I have enjoyed tatting the cup and saucer several times.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sherry, your little girl is magnificent!
Sure I'd love to be included in the drawing.
The forget-me-not edging is fetching!
All the very, very best,
Katie V in NC
katie at r-v-r dot com

Elizabeth said...

Please enter me in the giveaway. You never know who might win.

Jane S. said...

Contagious laughter indeed! There isn't a whole lot better than the sounds of a little kid cracking up. :) She made me laugh too!

Margarets designer cards said...

I am so pleased Miss P loves a UK programme, wiat until she sees the winter ones.

Thank you for letting me win the giveaway, I am looking forward to receiving it.


rsmre said...

Hello, Sherrie, your little girl is just wonderful. Thank you for another chance to win.

Red said...

What a cutie patootie! (2)

Donna said...

Little Ms Piccadilly is adorable! She is very, smart because the show she is watching is hilariously funny.

Suztats said...

Ah, Piccadilly has a wonderful little laugh, and made me just beam. Thank you for sharing that: it's been too long since I've heard a child's laughter. It's a joyous sound.

Val said...

wow, these mags certainly shouldn't be missed. i managed to collect a couple and they are fun reads, not to mention that ideas are aplenty!

pls count me in. (2)


The Girl who Tats said...

Oooh! Lovely giveaway!

I really enjoy looking at what you are working on. Thanks!

alanatatter at gmail dot com

Kathy Niklewicz said...

It's a JOY to hear Miss P heartily giggling away - at all the appropriate moments! What a delight! She is SO precious!

I would love to have the magazines because at that time (Spring 1958) I was 14 and graduating from "Jr High". (Fortunately, I didn't need to wear that girdle!! LOL!)

AND, I was knitting and crocheting (small items), and REALLY wanted to learn to tat (had bought the shuttle in '56) but couldn't figure out how! I would wait another 30 years!!!! Still have the Boye bobbin shuttle!!

So it's interesting to see what was going on in tatting back then! Of course, I'm curious about the 3-D cup and saucer!

Fox said...

I remember my Gram wearing that corset! She could not wait to get out of it at night. Beastly thing!

Thanks for the giveaway! (2)
Fox : ))