Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wow! Thank you for the overwhelming response!!!

You tatters never cease to amaze me! I woke up to an inbox full of volunteer test tatters. I have many many patterns that will need testing over the next few months so I may be able to use most everyone who has contacted me, if not immediately then in the not too distant future. Since I have a nice pool to draw from, I will close the call for testers.

For those who have volunteered, I will be contacting each of you individually over the next week or two.

Thank you again everyone!!!!


Margie said...

Am really sorry I missed the last post. Would have loved to help you out. Am a self taught tatter and really enjoy reading your blog and the awesome items you make. Your books are on my wish list and someday I will own one I hope! Take Care!

Szydełko i spółka said...

Wow! Your owl is so cute!
You could see my blog if you like:)
Best regards, Aggie

West Pine Creations said...

If you still need a test tatter, I'll be willing to help out. I live in Weiser, ID. Marie