Friday, February 17, 2012

In memory of the The Tatting Goddess

The tatting world suffered a shocking loss this week. My heart still aches as I write this. My friend Gina, famously known as The Tatting Goddess, has passed on from this world and so many of us are mourning her loss. She truly has left a gaping whole in our community. Even though I never had the distinct privilege of meeting Gina in person I most definitely consider her a friend. We have shared many correspondences over the past five years. She was one of the very first people to whom I sent a ceramic shuttle to "market test" for me. Without her positive encouragement I wouldn't be where I am today. That's a fact.
Being a prolific blogger and tatter were only two of her many talents. I really looked up to her, she was like a mentor to me, although she probably never knew I felt that way. ** SIGH**
When I first "arrived" onto the Internet tatting scene there were only a very small handful of established tatting blogs and hers was the very pinnacle. She set the tone for tatting blogs with her professionalism and generosity in sharing her knowledge and patterns.
When I think of Gina the word "indelible" comes to mind. The definition of indelible is this: "making a mark that cannot be erased, removed, or the like, that cannot be eliminated, forgotten, or changed."
This absolutely describes her contribution to the world of tatting. I am sure that she left an indelible mark in many other areas of her life as well.
To be sure, she will never be forgotten and she shall be sorely missed.
Blessings to you in Heaven Gina, and blessings to the family you left behind.


Ridgewoman said...

Your loss is shared; but, you know that. A lovely tribute for a lovely lady; and, it points out how much we need to tell each other what we mean to one another. Not to be gooey or sugary (there’s enough of that!) but straightforward. So, in her memory, I’m telling YOU that you mean a great deal to me, not only as an artist but as the young woman who fought so hard to keep Picadilly, who shares her battles with her friends and is the first to encourage some one else. You are my friend...xx00 bev d.

Tatskool said...

We all need to tell our tatting friends how special they are to us...and that includes you my special friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank for your wonderful tribute to my mother. Yes she has absolutely has left an indelible mark in my life and many more than I ever imagined. I will do whatever I can to keep her memory alive. Her loving daughter Laurie.