Thursday, February 9, 2012

TIAS Day 12

TIAS Day 12

Well here he is in full gallop! Do goats gallop? Anyhow, this was such a fun TIAS and I will definitely be tatting another goat in a more "goaty" colorway.
In fact this project has inspired me to dye some new thread in colorways that will be perfect for farm animals.

I know everyone is super appreciative of Jane and all her efforts. If you have never hosted a TIAS before you should know that they are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of work. So if you enjoyed this TIAS, and if you haven't already, be sure to give her a personal "thank you".


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea Sherry. Animal colour-ways. That kind of thinking outside the box is what makes you an ARTIST....
xxxxx luv ya bj

Jenn said...

He turned out great!