Monday, April 30, 2012

"Sunny Side Up" + "Magnolia" = Happy Time

I've started a new project which required some special new hand dyed thread. It is so simple yet so effective. I call this "Sunny Side Up".
I have dyed lots of new batches of thread which I have yet to add to the shop and blog about. This is "Magnolia"...not a new colorway but rather an old favorite!
I admit I am struggling a little with blogger's new format. I don't know why they had to go and fix something that wasn't broken. I have found myself more frustrated than not when I am trying to post now. Ah well, I am sure I will get use to it in time!


Marty said...

Oooo, I like the Sunny Side Up -- and generally yellow is my least favorite color. This one is very bright and cheerful, though.
I feel your frustration with the new blogger format. It's slower, I can't seem to get pictures where I want them and the words keep moving around on me. Maybe get used to it, but probably won't every like it.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Now I'm REALLY skittish about even trying to post! I've been waiting for 'reviews' from tatting bloggers of the new interface, and they are now surfacing. Blogger had improved the photo uploading system a few months ago, but it now seems that control is a problem again. I had just gotten used to the prior system, and liked it.

Non-tatting bloggers are very much upset with the new interface and are quite vocal about it. I'm going to wait awhile before I post again, hoping some of the problems can be worked out.

Thanks again for posting about Shuttlebirds and letting me know that Mary McCarthy was there.

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Ladytats said...

pretty yellow.
I haven't had too much trouble with the new format. I do like the information page, lets me see information about the people who visit my blog.

** jess! ** said...

It's always hard and little frustrating to adapt to new things.
BUT the "Sunny Side Up" is de-lish!! I'm not a big egg fan, or even a breakfast fan. But I love this color!

Fox said...

Ahhhh wonderful threads... I do admire your colour sensibilities!
Fox : )