Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ughh...blech...and harumph!!

Stand by for a bit of a rant.
I have been working really REALLY hard to get ready for shuttlebirds. Not an easy task when you have a 17mo old. Anyhow, I got a very disturbing phone call last night. (Note to self: "Never answer phone".)
But before I go into the details of the call I must back up a bit.
It starts with this: My hubby has been sick for almost two years now. That is why we are still in Idaho and not in Mississippi or some other far away assignment. He is undergoing treatment and we cannot leave until he is better. This is a story all on its own. Stress has wreaked havoc in both of our lives the last few years and we just cannot deal with it like we used to. So we have both been working hard to minimize stress on all levels.
We have a mini zoo going on in our home. I LOVE animals. Anyway, hubby has been asking for over a year if we could get rid of one or two. About six weeks ago I finally relented and gave our three legged kitty back to his original family. He went to live with his mom and brother. Seems ideal right?
Well back to the phone call. It seems that their dog (they have a mini zoo too) attacked poor Raku last night and tore his trachea and fractured his jaw. He is in surgery today. They said they can no longer keep him so we will have to take him back.
I am having the hardest time concentrating today and I feel just terrible. I hope this doesn't ruin my time at shuttlebirds. I am sick over it.
This poor cat already lost one of his legs and now this. I am so bummed out. Needless to say we don't need this stress and I feel like I have no choice but to take him back. **Sigh**


Gunhild said...

Oh, all the best for you, life somtimes goes intersting ways. We say "man think and god guides", in german words it is a rhyme! Hugs said...

Here's hoping that a nice, safe dog-free home becomes available Mr. 3-legged kitty.

Ladytats said...

might there be another person somewhere in the area that can take him? Boise is a big town. while it is noble of you to once again step in to help this cat. you also need to think of your own household. if you are stressed, and your husband is stressed, the cat will be too, and not heal well. nor will he be comfortable. check with your local pet society, they may be able to find a different home.

Have fun at Shuttlebirds, you need a break.

** jess! ** said...

If I weren't 2000 miles away I would take in Mr. Raku. Poor little guy. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling down trodden. I hope you will receive peace, but in the meantime have fun at Shuttlebirds!!

Ginny W said...

I wish i was closer i would take him! I do enjoy kitties

Tatfully Yours said...

So sorry to hear about all that is going on in your life right now!!! I wish I could help some how. Do try to enjoy your time at Shuttlebirds this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sherry, I think ladytats is very wise. There have to be other options for the well-being of your own household. I envy you your trip to Shuttlebirds. I met you there before, remember? Magnificent workshop full of terrific, terrific people--you included!
big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry, I think I didn't sign my name to my note--the one about meeting you at Shuttlebirds several years ago.
It was from me, Katie V in NC, katie at r-v-r dot com.
Sorry about that. You're still awesome, but I'm a dingaling!

Margarets designer cards said...

Dear sherry,

I feel so sorry for you and your husband, I hope the stress level is not too high today.
Poor pussy after all he's been though he got this to go though, I hope he recovers and comes back to you in good health.
Let us know how he goes and sending you a big hug

StringyDogs said...

Hi Sherry. I am not a cat person (we have dogs) but, I do know animals don't look at life like we do. Tripod will feel rotten while recovering, then will just accept that he has limitations now. They don't feel ugly, unlucky, or angry. They just deal with what they have and go on.

In this way they are far superior to us. ;-)

I am envious that you can go to Shuttlebirds. I hope you had a wonderful time. Try to keep breathing and not feel badly. You had no way of knowing kitty would not be safe back at his original home.

Tatenup said...

So sorry to hear this. I know how stress is. Dealing with it in my house also.

Enjoy Shuttlebirds. I have not been for several years. Wish I could just drive up there to purchase stuff from the vendors.

Would love to meet you and see all your thread in person.