Friday, February 22, 2013

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Sorry it took so long to do as I said I would do. I've been out of sorts on all kinds of levels since I arrived home from vacation. Anyhow, I had three doctor's appointments over three days this week and I finally have some promising news to share. Everyone who reads this blog knows that I have been struggling with health issues for quite some time and that in the last year these issues have escalated to a point where it has severely affected my every day functioning, mainly extreme exhaustion. One of the appointments this week was an interview for a sleep study. I qualified. My sleep doctor just really made me feel like I wasn't crazy. He had all kinds of reassuring and vindicating things to say about what has been going on with me lately (really since I came back from South Korea four years ago.)
I just want to say a big thank you once again to all those who faithfully pray for me...every time I think about you precious prayer warriors it brings tears to my eyes. I just don't know how I got so lucky to have such precious people in my life!
Of course, I don't have answers yet...but I feel several steps closer to finding a solution. It has taken this long to navigate my health insurance and get the proper referrals to see the proper specialists....yada yada etc etc.
Honestly, when I started this journey (to get healthy again), it never crossed my mind that I could have a sleep disorder. And this may still not be my answer, although it seems like we've covered just about everything else. So many times I have wanted to give up. I've had more than a few doctors make me feel crazy, stupid and like I was some kind of hypochondriac, but I've found a couple doctors now who really seem to care and that means the world to me.
I just hope that at the end of all this (and I pray to God that there WILL be an end to all this) perhaps my story can help someone else. That would seem worth it!

I'll try to get around to sharing some more vacation photos soon.


Karen said...

So,so thankful for the encouraging news. Love you, Karen in OR

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear - I'm sending healing thoughts your way every day! Love the Super Bling hook pens - absolutely luscious!! Love Lesley S

Suztats said...

Sure hope this Dr. can help you find a solution. Hugs

Beelizabeth said...

After my sister learner she had a sleep disorder and learner how to use a CPAP, she has had a lot more energy. I hope you find as much success with whatever is found in your sleep study.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's good to hear encouraging news! I hope that sleep therapy is the answer for you.

I'm off to shop! I sure hope the blue one is still there!

Jane S. said...

Having sleep apnea can lead to all kinds of health problems (both in body and mind). Voice of experience here! I didn't think using a CPAP machine would make such a difference for me, but I love that thing. :)

I hope and pray that your sleep study goes well, and that you get some relief from your health issues.

Jane McLellan said...

So glad you feel you're making progress! To feel you're being properly listened to is a good place to be for starters.

Margarets designer cards said...

Love your bling hook pens.

To get a good nights sleep makes all the difference to how you feel in the morning, I am so glad you are getting some treatment that hopefully will get you back on the road to recovery.
I myself have health problems and are waiting for appointments I think my middle name is waiting because you wait so long to see a doctor and then they treat you as an idiot. I hope your next post will continue to have some good news on your health.
Take care and I sending you a big hug.

picotsnkeys said...

You will be on prayer list for thanksgiving AND for healing AND for care.