Tuesday, September 24, 2013



Please nobody strangle me become too exasperated with my cheekiness. Like Jane, I just cannot help myself! As of this post we have 80 who have joined the TIAS community blog, and requests are waiting for me every time I check my mail. This is fantastic!
I forgot how much fun this is for me too! All I could remember was how much goobing work they are, but now I am reminded of the good stuff! No wonder why Jane works so hard to host so many!

Some of you may remember that I did a TIAS back in 2008 and I was terribly devious with hints and such; it's quite possibly a mental disorder. (That pattern is located to the right in my sidebar.)

Two things:

1.) The picot gauge is to be used horizontally to the core thread so that your picots measure 1/4" or 1/2cm tall.
2.) Links have been provided right on your pattern to learn or "brush up" on special techniques.

For example: There is a link on DAY ONE's pattern about how to "climb out".

So if you are encountering something for the first time, help is provided right within the pattern.

Be sure to check back daily...you just don't know what you might find!


Corina said...

I'll join in the fun, and blog about it on my own blog. can't wait to see the next part.

Karen T said...

I'll be participating at a distance. Hopefully that will make it easier for you.