Monday, September 30, 2013


Tomorrow I am going on "vacation" to visit my husband whom I have not seen for three months (due to military service). You will still get your TIAS bits but I may not be as readily available to answer questions and emails. So please bare with me.

I'll repeat here something I posted on the community blog last night concerning days 1-3, "Should your motif be cupped or flat? The answer is flat. There are two reasons your motif would cup, one is that the picots are not the correct length (they should measure 1/4"), if the picots are too long you will get a 3D effect, the other reason is tension is too tight on the outer chains."

I understand that we all tat differently and that tatting a TIAS presents it's own challenges because we are constantly taking breaks and coming back to our tatted piece. The diagrams are there to keep you on track and help you orient your piece in the right direction, this means that depending on how you tat, parts of the written directions may not always apply to you, for example TW's and RW's (tutorial included in the pattern)so try not to get hung up. That is why we do both written directions and diagrams.

Keep up the good work, I enjoy all you tatters so much!


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi sherry

Enjoying the TIAS just one thing on day one it said half an inch picot gauge so I used half an inch, and it cupped. So I will start it again with my quarter inch picots.

Margarets designer cards said...

Sorry I forgot I hope you enjoy your holiday with your husband.

Karen said...

My thanks for the service your hubby AND family give for our country. Enjoy your time together and forget responsibilities here.
TIAS is a fun learning experience. Karen in OR