Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 1 instructions for "Tat it and See" #4

TIAS #4 is upon us!

Starting today and then every other day thereafter a new "element" of the pattern will be released. It will be a PDF file which can be easily printed. Here is a link if you need to download the FREE adobe acrobat reader.
After today, your new links will be located directly to the right of this post in the sidebar. So be sure to check back often.
Feel free to blog about your progress and/or if you do not have a blog please feel free to email me at:LadyShuttleMaker@Hotmail.Com your progress and pictures so I can post them on the T.I.A.S website.
If you have questions you are welcome to email me and I will help as best as I can. I also encourage everyone to help each other.
Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate and since all the links will remain in the sidebar you can jump in anytime....but I strongly suggest we all tat together...that is what makes the TIAS so fun!




zarina said...

And the fun begins. I have finally got Iris' books which I have ordered ages ago in my car at the very moment. Ripped it open and had a look. It has very nice patterns that have block tatting. What great timing - I still not able to pick up those shuttles but I'm doing something related and lots of stashing.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, my! Nervous anticipation has been turned into gut-wrenching anxiety! It's a good thing my finger nails are short... I'd have to bite them to the quick! Can I do this? Yes! Yes, I can! I'm determined to finally complete a T.I.A.S.! ; )

I'd really like to take a sick day so I can get started on this, but it's preschool day... my favorite!

Unknown said...

I'm glad it's here. Have to go to work, but I can finally participate! YAY!

Tara said...

Looking forward to this one! I also nominated your blog for the "I Love Your Blog" Award. I truly enjoy reading your blog.