Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tatted Mock Hairpin Lace Doily Pattern FREE

Just click HERE to download this free pattern where I walk you step by step through the process from start to finish. It is fun. It is easy. It is free. So what are you waiting for??

In other news, Miss P started walking (running) at 9 1/2 months of age so I have been one busy momma. Just today she took a header into a window seal and now has her very first shiner. She has a rug burn on one side of her head a goose egg on the other and a few scratches. I tell you I am having a hard time keeping up with this little daredevil. In spite of all her bumps and bruises she is one happy lass and she brings me so much joy. She also said her first word which was "please". So even though she is a bit of a wild child she is at least polite.

Happy Tatting and enjoy the pattern.


madtatter7 aka Linda said...

Beautiful! I'm trying it out. Thank you Sherry!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Thanks for the pattern, Sherry! It looks very interesting, and yes... I will be looking for that new book of yours! I really need to retire so that my fingers can keep up with my brain... so many projects, so little time!

Miss P is looking impish in that cute little costume! I bet she's fun to have around!

Ladytats said...

Thank you Sherry for the pattern, it is now in my computer, I will have to make this to show at next years tatting demonstrations the versatility of Tattiing.
Very clear directions. Thanks
you new book looks interesting.
have fun with Miss P, she sounds like she is enjoying life with you and daddy.
p.s., love the background fabric in your doily pictures, diaper?, burpcloth?? he he we moms always make do.

Nancy G said...

Thank you for the pattern! So very sweet of you for sharing as you do. And...what a precious Lady Bug!!

Sharon D. said...

Thanks for the new pattern. Love pictures of Miss P. she is so cute & look like she is going to keep you very busy.

gina Butler said...

Brilliant! if you can't keep the little darlin' in a padded room - at least you can keep her in a padded suit! Adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Aww.... P is soooo cute! Petite and Ornery!! The exquisite Miss P!

As for the butterfly books... I sure wish I hadn't gone over budget (I mean... .waaaaay over my budget) with all the tatting supplies I ordered *prior to knowing about your patterns...

*sniffle guess it will have to wait *quivering lip don't worry, I'll be alright


Umintsuru said...

How time flies, Little Miss P is growing up fast. She is so happy and you have the cutest outfits for her.

Traveling Square Dancers said...

Beautiful Little Girl!
Thanks so much, Sherry, for the hairpin lace doily pattern. I always try the online class technique before the class, and your pattern was the one I chose to learn the mock hairpin lace technique. What a good tutorial! I'm working on the outside ring now, and should have it finished before class tomorrow. Thanks again!

woalka said...

Jaka piękna dziewczynka - biedroneczka!
Sama słodycz.
Nie mogę się napatrzeć.
Prawdziwy skarb! :)

Jane S. said...

She is one happy little ladybug! Love those stripey tights, so cute.