Tuesday, March 6, 2007

First attempts at 2 shuttle Tatting

I am not the kind of tatter that learns well from books. I learn best by watching someone else do it. Unfortunately, in my 18 years of tatting I have never seen anyone else tat besides my great grams. That will soon be remedied once I attend my first tatting convention in April. I am so excited and nervous. There are a lot of techniques that I haven't learned yet. I taught myself split rings and now 2 shuttle tatting but the funny thing is, is that I don't know if I am doing it correctly. Ah well, I guess I'll find out how well I am doing soon enough. I don't know if these are original patterns or not. I have never seen them before. I adapted them from some of the beautiful tatting I got in that wonderful package I blogged about below. As I stated, I think many of the patterns I purchased are original designs. Unfortunately, I have no information on who this talented tatting artist was.
If anyone has seen these patterns before please let me know where so that I can attribute them properly to the author.

2 Shuttle Motif Patterns adapted by LadyShuttleMaker from unknown author:
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This Blue Square Motif pattern is free with every shuttle purchase!!!!

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tatman said...

I think you are doing a bang up job with your tatting! Don't know where you got those patterns, but I especially like the squarish one. Imagine making rows and rows of them into a cloth and the light blue cross and the corner rings would almost make it look like a plaid pattern :) I am sure you will learn a lot from the lace days in April to find out what you do differently. But I figure if what works for you and the end result is an art that is pleasing.....go with it!