Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pearls of Tatting

My Mother-in-law came to visit and to my delight she asked me to teach her to tat.
I showed her the basics and let her practice with some small yarn and my Tatsy shuttle so that she could clearly see the stitches form. I think she picked it up really fast but unfortunately we didn't get to spend very much time practicing. I hope she pursues it.

I was given a box of pearls awhile ago and I decided to do something with them today.
I strung two strands and used the second half of the double stitch with one of the strands and this is what came from it. I love it. It is so unique!
This is tatting spilling over into other things!
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Tattycat said...

I'm so pleased you got to share your talent with your MIL. I too hope she keeps it up. The pearls are beautiful! They would make most any outfit appear elegant. I hope your hand is healing well.

Melissa said...

Oh I just love that necklace!!! Beautiful shape!