Sunday, July 15, 2007

Procrastinating...Who me???

My husband who is military was gone for two months and he is home for only two weeks before he leaves again for another month. We just had some of his family in last weekend and we have more coming today. I am supposed to be cleaning the house and getting ready for our new visitors but what am I doing? Playing on the computer. That's right, totally procrastinating and trying to ignore the piles of projects I have ALL over the house. Not to mention that we don't have a scrap of food in the house which means I will need to go grocery shopping and I HATE grocery shopping.
Awwww well.
On to tatting. I had purchased these little baby overalls for the Tatting Treasures from Trash challenge but ended up not using them for the purse project. I thought this cute little outfit cannot go to waste so instead I will be putting a few of my original tatted butterfly designs on it and perhaps list it in my tatting shop.
I only have furry kids of my own, and all the babies I know right now are little boys or are too big for this outfit, so hopefully someone will find a use for it.
The butterfly isn't attached yet. As soon as I quit procrastinating and get to cleaning maybe I can find time later tonight to attach the b-flys properly.
This outfit is for babies 6-9months.
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Diane Cademartori said...

Doesn't sound like procrastinating to me! Love the jeans!