Friday, September 7, 2007

It's a GREAT day!

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I've got lot's to share today. I thought I would start by sharing a sneak peak of one of the patterns I will be including in my upcoming tatting book.
I have lot's of butterfly patterns. Each pattern I have laboured over and re-tatted many times until I am satisfied, to make them not only beautiful patterns, but simple to tat.

Now, the rest of this blog is non-tatting related stuff but I am in a sharing mood today! I am going to share a personal secret about myself..... I LOVE spicey food! I mean really HOT stuff, to a level that is beyond even most spicey food lovers.
Every year I grow my own habaneros with which I make my own hot salsa and hot sauce!
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This year my habaneros look funny. Instead of orange they are a deep red. My suspicision is that they are actually Scotch Bonnets and were mislabled when I purchased the starter plants. Anyhow, not all is lost. They taste great and are scorching hot! I have spend most of the day canning salsa and making batches of hot sauce. My eyes are watering, I am sweating and I have been sneazing all afternoon. But I just tasted my hot sauce and it is the hottest and best tasting I have ever made. I am so excited. I will be bottling it up to share with my fellow hot sauce loving friends.

And finally the other thing that has me so excited today is that I finally made the Main Showcase of Etsy treasuries.
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Mine is the Ocarina with a tulip. I am sorry if you have no idea what I am talking about. And even though it is probably a small thing to most people it is a really big deal to me. I just happened upon the front page of Etsy today and to my utter surprise saw one of my items showcased. No one told me about's just by luck that I happened to even see it. Whoo hoo!
I really should be posting this in my Ceramics Blog, but I already posted in there today so I thought I just slip it in this post today.


Tattycat said...

My, that is a lot to be proud of and post! The butterfly is beautiful and I am excited about the book. I love hot stuff too, but it sounds like you have me beat. I'm not sure I could take it that hot! Congratulations on making the feature on Etsy! I will have to go look at it.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Congratulations! I'm surprised you didn't make it sooner! I don't always look at that page, but I think I'll have to check it out more often!

I like hot stuff too! However, my digestive tract doesn't always appreciate my love for spice! Isn't that what Tums are for?

Love the butterfly! I have yet to finish a tatted butterfly. I have 3 wonderful patterns (wink, wink), but I haven't taken the plunge yet... they're so much fun to read!

yarnplayer said...

Adding my congratulations as well! You certainly deserved the honor. And your butterfly is absolutely gorgeous -- so clever how you have distributed the 2 colors in the design.