Monday, September 10, 2007

The Bittersweet Symphony of Life

The sweet is that I received my graded T.A.T, Tatters Across Time, packet in the mail. I am happy to report that I passed and received my Apprentice pin.
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I was wondering how this program was going to work, and now that I understand how it works I am very pleased with it. If I were to grade the program I would give it a solid "A". I loved how the judges broke down the criteria and showed me how I can improve my tatting. I did learn a lot in the first course. I highly reccomend it for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to be the best tatter they can be. My tatting has definately changed for the better. Since I've taken the course, I now try to tat every item as if it were going to be judged.
The course is challenging and time consuming but WELL worth the effort. I will definately be continuing towards the Master Tatter status.
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This is my newest necklace that I have added to my Etsy shop today. These necklaces are tatted with size 80 thread and include the tiniest glass seed beads available. And I must say the photos do not do them justice. They look much better in person.

Finally, on to the bitter. I found out this week that my husband will be deploying to the middle east for one whole year. I feel like I am suffocating when I think about it. I am trying to keep my head high but it is very difficult. My husband is my very best friend and I don't have any children to occupy my time. He has been gone a lot over the past few years, but never for an entire year straight. It will be a few months before he leaves but it is weighing heavily on my mind today. Hopefully I will adjust to the idea before he goes. I don't know how those other brave wives do it. They must be much stronger than me.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Congratulations on achieving your apprentice pin! I'm still working on the first piece, and I'm glad I haven't gone any further for now... I'm finally starting to get the hang of it!

The necklace is stunning! There is nothing else I can say about it.

I'm sorry to hear that your husband will be so far away for so long. I will pray for his safe return and for your well-being in his absence.

Melissa said...

I understand about your husband being gone for a year. Gerard had to be in Kuwait for a year a couple of years ago. The best thing is to have things to occupy your time like your Tatters Across Time classes and such. Do you have family or church family? That helped me too having friends near. And to give you encouragement that all things are possible with God and He can strengthen your relationship during the time your husband is away, and I can say that God did for us. I hated that Gerard was gone for that long and I missed him a ton, I'm glad it's over with and it doesn't seem so bad now but then it was tough. Remember it's God's strength that we rely on since our own isn't enough. I'll pray for you too and if you need to talk you can email me anytime!

Tattycat said...

Congratulations on completing the first leg and getting your apprentice pin! Maybe I will be inspired to try.

The necklaces get more beautiful with each new one.

As we have discussed, I have spent a lot of time alone, but never for a whole year and never in real harms way. It is so difficult to be apart from the one person you are the closest to. I will be praying for your strength and your husband's safety.

Marty said...

Chin up. Shoulders back. Nose to the grind stone. Ear to the ground. Now, try to tat in that position.
Cry when you need to, laugh at the little things, and pray the world comes to its senses (at least our corner of it). I'm sorry to hear your husband is shipping out. Maybe you'll be a T.A.T. Master when he comes home and you can celebrate twice. :)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Thank you all for the words of wisdom. It's nice to know that I will have tatting and all my tatting friends to help me pass the time. I am a woman of faith and I am sure I can use all the prayers I can get!