Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am too excited!

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I just have to share this! I just purchased this costume on Etsy from a gal that hand makes these types of costumes. I got a great deal on it because it is used; she actually wore it for a renaissance fair she worked at. I have always ALWAYS wanted a cool costume like this! Now my brain is working overtime to think of a way to add tatting to the ensemble. Does anyone have any ideas?


Mark, aka Tatman said...

TOO COOL! have to go out to the ren fairs and start demonstrating tatting and other lace. Why have a nice gown and no reason to wear it??? ;)

If you want to add tatting, the appropriate place would be at the bottom of the opening of the bust line. I notice that she already has lace on the shoulders and the end of the sleeves. Take that off and replace with tatting. Altho if you want to be historically correct you would only use needle or bobbin laces for adornment. Tatting wasn't invented/used at the time of this period dress. Just some thoughts.

Marty said...

If you're concerned about historical accuracy, as Mark says, you wouldn't want to mess with it. But, if your goal is a really nifty costume, you can mix historical eras with impunity. How about a tatted necklace using large beads to mimic the pearls she's wearing?

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Well, I guess I am not too concerned about historical correctness. I think both ideas are fabulous. Maybe I'll add a tatted edging to the bodice AND make a tatted lace necklace....maybe something like this from Agnieszka's shop:

I am just tooooo excited!

Tattycat said...

Wow, too cool! Aren't you the lucky one? I, too, have always wanted a costume like this. My hubby says I was born a couple of hundred years too late! I like both of the ideas also. Knowing you, it will be even more lovely.
Have fun.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What a beautiful costume! Will we get to see you in it? I checked out Agnieszka's shop... WOW! There are some wonderfully talented tatters around!