Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bartered Tatting Treasures

So I stayed up late packing and sorting and I got up really early to finish and guess what? It is almost 1:00pm and the packers aren't even here yet! I don't know whether to be angry or relieved for the bit of extra time. Anyhow, I've accomplished a lot today and you get another peak at Shuttlebirds.

This was one of my favorite parts of Shuttlebirds this year. As a fellow vendor I had the unique opportunity to trade goods. I had ever so much fun. I hope my fellow vendors are as happy with their trades as I am with mine! I have been looking at these shell and horn shuttles for some time, but I could never afford to buy them, so trading for them was a complete delight! They are from Loopy Lacer. Lily and I got so wrapped up in the fun of trading that we were both late to our next class. I felt naughty so I sat in the back....
I got this gorgeous little bag from Karey as well as the book "Tatting Inovations"! Karey even signed her books that I brought with me.
I acquired several new books to keep me occupied this coming year! Whoo hoo!
One can never have too many tatting books nor too many tatting shuttles!
The "Transitions in Tatting" by Sharon, came in the mail the day before I left for Shuttlebirds. All the others I purchased or traded for at the convention. I am especially excited about Mark's "Tatted Gathering of Angels".
Patti Duff signed "Mini Tat's" for me; a book I have been wanting for a long time! And Pat Stevens signed "Fantasy Flowers" for me. Pat is such a delightful lady; we had a good chat about Korea since she and her DH have been there!
Even though it's kind of hidden, I traded Bev Dillon for her wonderful Book "Tatting Collections" and tatting DVD set! She also signed the book and didn't even charge me extra...(sort of a private joke in case Bev reads this). I shared a table with Bev and DH Bill, they are wonderful people and they got on quite well with my grandparents!
Hidden in the back are 3 notebooks of back issues of "Knots!" by super fun Mary McCarthy...also signed!
I just don't know how I am going to continue with life now. After Shuttlebirds everything is just going to pale in comparison....ah well, I have the happy memories to hold on to! And boy oh boy, I have a lot to work on this coming year. It will be my year of tatting and exploring!


Pamela said...

What a lot of goodies, looks like Christmas. Such a lot to take to Korea you will be busy as a bee in clover.
Hope we will all be able to see what you do as well as read about your exploits.
Thanks for showing us your spoils!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What fun! Lots of good reading, videos, and shuttles... you are one lucky girl!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Thanks Pamela! I may have to pay for excess baggage at the airport...but it will be worth it!
I will share as much and as often as I can!

Tattycat said...

Oh, the good times just keep rolling on! I KNOW the ones with whom you bartered have got to be happy! Your shuttles and thread are fabulous, as is your tatting. you will have lots of books to read and lots of tatting to do!

singtatter said...

Wow, how exciting and what fun you have! I'm sure you will enjoy your stay in Korea with more tatting stories to tell us.

Carol Lawecki said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time Shuttlebirds. Thats some collection of new books you got and your new shuttles are very nice. The collection of Knots Newsletters will keep you busy for a long time. I loved that newsletter and have recently pulled my copies out to look over. I forgot what was in them and have discovered so many great patterns again.

Does Mary McCarthy have an e-mail address, I'd like to e-mail her and see if she has any older Knots newsletters for sale? Please e-mail me privately if you have an address for her.
Good luck with your move!

Gina said...

You will LOVE your new books! I was nearly heartbroken when I thought I had lost Fantasy Flowers. It turned up one day...sigh of relief...but I still haven't done what I wanted to do with it. I don't have Transitions in Tatting yet but I have some other patterns by Sharon and they are always good. I've tatted from all the others,including Knots - you'll love it! And what great new inspirations you'll get fired up with.
:-) Gina

TattingChic said...

Oh, how fun. I'm glad you got so many fun things. You will have plenty to do in Korea. I'm so glad you got to go and that you had fun.