Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank you Handy Hands!

In a delirious state last week I went crazy with my shopping order at Handy Hands.
I justify this splurge by reminding myself that the only things I have bought since I have been in my new country is a plant, a needle minder from Grizzly Mountain Arts and threads to dye. None the less, I don't regret it and I am ecstatic; it feels like Christmas today.
I bought a BUNCH of tatting books.
Oooh I am giddy all over! These are books I have been eyeing for a long time....and seeing many of them getting great reviews on other tatting blogs, I just couldn't wait any longer.
We have Karey Solomon, Rosmarie Peel, Martha Ess, Inga Madsen, Iris Neibach (X2), Christel Weidmann, Mark Meyers, Diana Stevens (X3), Georgia Seitz, and Ben Fikkert.
Oh my goodness...I am floating on clouds.
I skimmed through all of them and it's a tough decision but the one I think I would like to tat from first is Tatted Farm Animals by Christel Weidmann. Her designing skills are awe inspiring. I now have a mountain of treasures to tat from in the event that I should ever get bored....(**pause for maniacal laughter**).
It will be awhile before I get to sit down and tat from other designers but it is comforting to know the option is there.
Oh, I feel sooooo spoiled!

Thank you Handy Hands for your excellent customer service!

According to my hubby, Col. Song LOVES his bookmark. I also included a thank you note that I wrote in both English and Hangul. Apparently I translated "Song" as to "Sing a song", instead of the name and that quite tickled Col. Song. But he said the rest of the translation was pretty good.

We are well into monsoon season here and with all the moisture it is taking three times as long for my HDT's to I am getting a little behind in posting them in the shop. The bright side is that the air is getting cleaned, even if just for a short while and it is a blessed relief to be able to breathe the fresh air.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What a fabulous collection of books! I have most of those, and I love going through them... I smooth and smell each page... I think I get closer to the author that way! Isn't monsoon season just God's way of saying sit down and relax? Enjoy your new books!

Tara said...

What a lovely surprise from Handy Hands even if you ordered them. It is like Christmas when you get something in the mail. It is for me as well when I order something. Maybe you will not get bored LOL. Happy tatting!


Clyde said...

Ah the joy of new pattern books. Isn't it nice to spoil yourself?

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

I don't tat, but am a huge book junkie. It looks like you'll have hours of reading enjoyment :)

I'm glad I'm not the only person that smells books, Diane! LOL

Tattycat said...

What a lot of reading and tatting you have to do. Glad you gave us the pause for maniacal laughter! I'm glad you treated yourself. Nice to hear that Col. Song liked his bookmark and was pleased with your translation. Clean air - AHHHHH!

yarnplayer said...

Oh man!
What a neat pile of books! I think I only have 2 of those - the one shuttle tatting by the tatman, and I think I spy "It's In the Bag" by Dianna Stevens peeking out from underneath. Have fun with all those neat new books!

zarina said...

I am waiting for my two books of Iris. Handy Hands are real marvelous - I am waiting for a shipment from them soon.

Jamie said...

Ok- I am now officially researching a 12 step program for you:)

TattingChic said...

I'm not sure what happened, but I left a comment a few days ago...oh, well, I'll try again. I seem to be having problems with the blogger comment system I have heard other bloggers say the same from time to time.
Anyway! I am so excited for you and your arrival of new books! I love Handy Hands, too! I've had good experiences when ordering from them.

zarina said...

TattingChic - I'm glad to hear that you have good experience with Handy Hand. I too am having a BIG shipment from them and their customer service is wonderful - they even replied to me in the dead of morning (in US) and weekends.

You may be wondering what is the BIG shipment. I should be able to blog about it (in two weeks time maybe). I'm so excited but it goes all just fine, as I mentioned I'm suppose to be on *sabbatical leave*.