Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hanging out with CrazySeoulSister

I had a special treat today. We have been online friends for awhile and we finally had a chance to meet up. This is Lil and I respectively, tatting on a comfy couch at the base exchange. (See the shopping carts behind us)?
She asked me to teach her split rings and I was delighted to help. I don't get to tat with other tatters too often so I was just excited all over. Lil picked up split rings pretty fast. I guess Melissa had shown her how awhile back and she just needed a refresher. Here is her first split ring.

Lil is a very sweet person and I hope she keeps practicing so that next time we meet we can start block tatting.

Keep up the good work Lil!


Lil said...

Hey! That was FUN! We have to do that again as soon as I can hop on the shuttle again.

Eek--- is that water spot on my shirt???? I spose so! =)

Your tatting was SO pretty and I can only hope to create such works of beauty. Are you blushing yet???

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

What fun! It's nice that you have someone close by that shares your interest in tatting :)

Melissa said...

OOooooooooooooooo I'm so jealous!!! I wish I could have been there too!!! What fun!

Tattycat said...

Congratulations to you and to Lil. It is so much fun to share our love of tatting. It is good to see a smile on your face!

Mimi said...

Glad you had such a fun day with Lil. And you said you couldn't teach. Well look at you now!!

TattingChic said...

How fun that you were able to meet up with a fellow tatter in Korea! I'm so glad you have a tatting connection there.