Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it redundant or a popularity contest????

I am not quite sure I understand this new "followers" feature that Blogger is offering.
I can see on my dashboard that I have acquired followers and I can see a little icon of who they are. They are all people whose blogs that I read every time their blog is updated. Isn't that what the rolling blog list is for?
It seems that if someone "follows" your blog you should reciprocate by "following" their blog....or perhaps you'll run the risk of hurting someones feelings. Then it seems like it could easily turn into a popularity contest...which I have never been good at.
Currently I have 87 tatting blogs that I subscribe to. If you are the proud owner of a tatting blog and your link is NOT in my sidebar you must let me know right away so that I can add it. I am trying my best to keep up with everyone and new tatting blogs are popping up all the time. (SUPER AWESOME!)
The Blogroll is a really neat feature because you can set it to show whose blog has been most recently updated. Everyday, I read the blogs that have been posted to. I am addicted to reading your blogs and it has become a part of my everyday ritual.
I try to leave comments as often as I can. When I am not feeling great (which has been the case since re-locating to Korea) it's difficult to find the energy to leave comments on every one's blogs.
This post is an official record that I read all the tatting blogs I know about.
If you are a tatter and you blog about it...I LOVE YOU and your blog (I mean that is the whole reason the "Tatted Ring of Bloggers" was started)! So to put it clearly I am already a follower of YOU!
If I participate in the new "followers" thing I run the risk of potentially having 87 little icons in my sidebar taking up space that I would rather use for other things...like the TIAS for example.

In summary, If your link is in my sidebar under BLOGROLL I follow and LOVE your blog.
Shouldn't that be enough?


zarina said...

I agree with you. And lately, I see some of my daily blogs crammed with things I don't want to see (i.e. advertisements).

Marty said...

Hmmmm. You may be right. I thought it allowed reading blogs from the dashboard so I wouldn't have to go to every blog -- that would be real advantage if I want to drop in and read a bit at work. But, after signing on to follow a bunch of folks, I discovered today that it's just like having the Blog Roll set to show a bit of each post (unless I just can't figure out how to use it correctly). The upshot is, I don't think I'm going to sign up to follow anything more -- I'll just read blogs as per usual.

TattingChic said...

I have too many tatting links that are not blogs so the blog roll would make my sidebar wayyyyyyyy to long. THe follower thing makes it easier for me to keep up with the tatting blogs. I like it!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

If this "followers" performs a function that is helpful and new then I will re-think it...but so far I haven't found that to be the case.

Yeah I know what you mean by too many links, that's why I have mine set to show only 10 and just one click gives you access to the rest.
I'm glad you like it (:

snowy said...

Dear Sherry, I agree, I was totally spooked out to find I had a 'follower' a bit too close to stalker! (lol). I have only a small list on my blog roll, mainly laziness, I mean to put more in, but I then use other links when I have time to read other blogs. I agree it can make it feel a bit competitive...Personally I'm not too worried how many 'friends' I have, I would rather have quality friends! I would be embarassed to be given awards and such like, I'm happiest with a low profile, I don't comment generally, and while I appreciate comments, I am not devastated if there is silence either.
I won't be 'following' anyone myself.

Gina said...

I don't see the point of it myself. I don't mind that anyone signs up to be a "follower" but I'm not putting it on my blog. The blogroll, however, is mainly for my convenience as an easy way for me to see what has recently been updated.

I plan to completely revamp my blog at the beginning of the year so I've just been kind of watching these new features on other people's blogs to determine which are really useful to me.

I have to admit that the "followers" is a bit too close to the "friend" thing I've seen on yahoo 360 and some other communities. I began to refuse invitations to be a "friend". It's great for advertising if you are selling something but that's not why I go to tatting blogs.

Gina said...

OH, you can set blogroll to only show 10???? I need to do that! Thanks - I didn't know you could do that...having really been paying that much attention to it once I managed to get them all there.

yarnplayer said...

I didn't know you could set blogroll to show 10 either - I'm going to check that out. I really like having the blogroll set to showing the most recently updated blogs. I haven't counted how many are on my list; I know I'm probably missing a lot of good ones, but each time I stumble across a new one I try to get around to adding it.

I don't plan to get into the "followers" thing either, and I figure I'm not offending anybody if I'm "following" nobody. Good grief, I can't even keep up with updating my own blog! And my shop is totally out of size 20 (yikes!) - I gotta get done commenting on blogs and dye thread.

Ladytats said...

I agree Sherry,
I have the followers set up, but have been contemplating removing it, as it seemed to be the same as a blog roll.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I agree with you, Sherry. I did set up the followers to see how it worked, then went back later in the day and took it off, mainly because my blog seemed too cluttered and I didn't see any great advantage.

I have my blog roll set at 5, and I really don't look at that very often, because I have Google Reader set up on my iGoogle page... I hardly even look at my own blog any more. Now, if I could figure out how to collapse my archive list, I'd be really happy!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Hi Diane,
We must share a neatness gene (:
If you got to SETTINGS and then click on ARCHIVING you can turn your archive off.

BJ said...

ummmm Let's see if I am sorting this out correctly. Space taken on one's blog is wasted - I agree.
The word "follower" seems like 'stalker' - they might have chosen a better adjective such as "Fan". okay
Now I begin to swim against the tide, march to the different drum (as usual). I LIKE the list to be on my dashboard, I can read the 'headlines' and go visit my favorites. Otherwise, I forget the blog addresses of folks I like to visit. But that is just ME and this is just MHO.
I can see your point-of-view re taking space on the blog; I agree. But mine is just set up to show on my dashboard and before I add to my blog I can go 'visiting' which is handy. just my 2 cents worth (which is worth less as each day goes by in the USA)
hugs, bev