Monday, December 22, 2008

Tatting with beads

Today we learned how to tat with beads. And as usual my girls caught on very quickly! I think they are all some kind of tatting geniuses. LOL! At least they have learned tatting much faster than I ever did!

Kyoung-mi has surprised me with her designing/adapting skills. She is very creative!

She even tatted one of my butterflies from my tatting book...and mind you this is not a beginner pattern!

Hye-soon tatted this gorgeous bookmark from Mary Konior's "Black Magic" page 10 in Tatting with Visual Patterns..... And doesn't it look pretty in "Tropicana" HDT????

Jinju tatted this with "Middle Earth" hand dyed silk. It is sooo much lovelier in person.

Oh, by the way, Jinju translates to "Pearl", which is also the name of her little shop! In case I never mentioned it, all my girls are little shop owners.
And finally an update on my finger. You can see that it is well on its way to healing and it doesn't hurt as much anymore...but there is a way to go before I see a nail again.

Oh...and P.S.S.
I pretty much slept for the last five days. I tried to tat but made too many mistakes. Tatting with a fever is not a good plan! Today I feel much better and going to 4 O'clock Rock was the first time I have been out since last Thurs. It was nice to hang out with my happy friends! I gotta say though that I am pretty tired still and they could see it....they patted me on the shoulder and said, "Teacher, it is o.k. if you want to go home early."
They are so sweet!


Clyde said...

Sherry you have one amazing group of students there. How lucky all of you are to of met each other. I bet it is going to be really hard when it comes time to say goodbye. Glad to see your finger is getting better and that you are feeling better. Have a Merry Christmas.

yarnplayer said...

Your tatting students are so enthusiastic and creative! I think that they must realize that they are lucky to have a world-class teacher!
I hope you are feeling much better now, and can get out to have more fun.

TattingChic said...

Your students are doing a fabulous job with adding beads! What a fun time it looks like you are all having together! Glad your finger is on the mend! Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by to see the snow! LOL!

Yorkie Sue's Tatting said...

Hi Sherry - just popping in and noticed your querey...

It's from Mary Konior's "Black Magic" page 10 in Tatting with Visual Patterns.

And congrats on you're students progress but then thay have a grand teacher :-)
Loves yer

Tattycat said...

I'm with Clyde and Yarnplayer. They are very ambitious, talented young women, but the teacher with whom they have been blessed is a jewel! You have done very well for them. Your finger looks amazingly well and I am glad you are feeling better.

SummerSadie said...

i hope you feel better really soon. I think everyone is sick this season, so you're not alone. We'll just pass the 'get well soon' wishes around blogland.

Bonnie said...

You must be an awesome teacher because your students are doing an amazing job! How lucky they were to find you. I hope by now you've rested up from your sickness and are feeling all better. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sherry!!