Saturday, February 28, 2009

TIAS #5 Part 3 by Iris Niebach

I am really getting into this one...I can hardly wait for the next set of directions. Oh what could it be????


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Sherry - These TIAS challenges are amazing to me - from both the creators and the participants! Your lighthouse was very clever! And this one from Iris looks really intriguing, especially with your beautiful thread! But I always need a photo or diagram, so my hat is off to those of you who join in!

I'm also stopping by to thank you for your encouragement for me to try skating again! I know you love winter sports! I really did want to go back and definitely would have worn wrist protectors and knee pads(!) but I also had to take the age factor into consideration, and didn't want to push my luck! I was so grateful to have come through it without permanent injuries! It was sad, though, to give skating up - took quite awhile for me to accept it!
But I can still tat and play the piano, which are both very important to me. Thanks again for stopping by! Wish I could go to Shuttlebirds!

TattingChic said...

It looks like you're doing great so far! Now that the weekend is almost over it looks like I'll be getting caught up tomorrow!

umintsuru said...

Lovely, lovely colours!! I am afraid I have to be an observer this time round. Won't be able to join in this time!