Friday, March 20, 2009

Dyeing tons and tons of cotton thread and silk

I have been busy busy these last 4 days, doing nothing but winding skeins and dyeing them and preparing them for Shuttlebirds.
This may not look like a whole lot....but trust is a whole lot!
I am caught up an all my colorways and sizes and I will be introducing a couple new colorways soon.

On another note I will be spending the next few days in Japan. We found out at the last second that we have an opportunity to fly there for free. Whoo hoo! How can I NOT take advantage of that!

Have a wonderful tatting weekend everyone!


Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Sherry,

Have a great time in Japan!! Take lots of pictures too!

Your HDT colors are fabulous!

Valerie said...

Enjoy yourself! Must try the ramen in the little shops... they are very good!

Hey, that's a load of HDT (drool)!

yarnplayer said...

Overwhelming pile of HDT! Still waiting for you to come out with "energy and time in a bottle", LOL. Have fun in Japan!

~Heather~Johnston~ said...

have a great trip!! Ohhhh cant wait to see the new colorways I cant wait until I am done working to do some of mine :0)

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Oh what I wouldn't do to be able to afford that entire tub! *weeps*

Tatskool said...

Hope you have a terrific time in Japan, keep you eyes peeled in case Brendan got there before you!!

TattingChic said...

LOL! I am with Steph, LOL!

What!?! Now you're going to Japan! OMGosh! You world traveller you! I'm so jealous!

Have fun! :)

Bonnie said...

I am jealous of your "tub 'o HDT", not to mention how much fun your going to have at Shuttlebirds! Enjoy Japan.

Sewicked said...

Have fun in Japan. Try some Udon (nummy soup).

Ooooooh, so much HDT. Anyone in Korea up to some gentle mugging? Hmmm? No takers. Shoot. Guess I'll have to buy some then.